What is the benefits of breastfeeding: it is necessary to know
17:13 of Today’s Telegraph med-heal.ru Photo: pixabay.com breast milk has properties similar to opioids.

Experts say about the beta casomorphin is a substance, which, as studies have shown, important for the normal development of children.

The lack of beta-casomorphine leads to increased levels of anxiety, and can cause reduced attachment of the baby to the mother. While a large amount of beta-casomorphins also does not bring anything good – it makes the baby lethargic and can even delay his psychomotor development.

“In today’s world often newborns eat breastmilk substitutes, but in these mixtures is often not the beta casomorphine – dairy “opioids” which are necessary for the proper development of the child. Of course, the benefits of breastfeeding cannot be underestimated,” scientists say.

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