Habib against Tibau / Photo: US PRESSWIRE

The ex-champion of UFC lightweight Eddie Alvarez (30-7) said portal MMAJunkie.comthat the current holder of the title of Habib Nurmagomedov (28-0), you can win.

“I think that to defeat Habib you need a certain style. If you don’t have this style, in this battle, it must be applied. I feel like I can win, but I don’t know if you can find someone else.

I can say that did this. View my second fight with Michael Chandler, who throws powerful kicks and tries to hold you to the grid and drag to the ground. You can’t stand in front of him. You must prepare for his fight to not let him dominate. When preparing you need a wrestler with the skills of Habib.

I don’t think Habib undefeated fighter. I think Gleison Tibau beat Habib. When I watch this fight, I think Tibau won. This is the most and style to win over Habib”.

Recall, Alvarez said that Habib will be the greatest fighter, even if he beat Tony Ferguson and Georges St-Pierre.


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