A state of emergency in Spain: the citizens of the ban movement in the country
17:39 Telegraph Today, the Interfax-Ukraine news of the world:the Inhabitants of Spain because of the coronavirus will be allowed to go out only for work, shopping, and in the case of force majeure.

The Spanish government is preparing to sign the order, greatly limiting movement of citizens on the background of the coronavirus, said on Saturday newspaper El Pais.

Authorities plan to prohibit all movement of citizens of the country is necessary. Among the necessary the government will take trips to work and trips to the store for groceries, medications and Essentials. Also citizens will be allowed to go outside in case of force majeure.

The Council of Ministers, according to the newspaper El Mundo, intends to adopt this regulation on an emergency meeting, which was held in Madrid.

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Restrictions will apply within the framework of the state of emergency, which the country will enter for two weeks, reports the Associated Press.

As of Saturday in Spain revealed more than 5.7 thousand cases of infection with coronavirus, more than 130 people died.

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The authorities of several regions, in particular, Madrid, where most cases, previously independently taken steps to combat coronavirus. They closed all the stores except grocery and pharmacies, and have stopped studying at schools and universities.

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