Zuckerberg said on the modernization of Facebook since the intervention of Russia

Now, as assured Zuckerberg, Facebook uses a system that is able to distinguish fakes from a living person.

The head of Facebook mark Zuckerberg, speaking at a security conference in Munich, said that in recent years the social network has made great strides in the issue of intervention in elections from hackers from around the world. Stream the speech of the head of the company was carried on the website of the forum, RBC.

According to him, in 2016, when a referendum on the UK exit from the European Union (Brexit) happened, as demanded by Washington, Russia’s intervention in the presidential elections in the United States, Facebook did not have sufficient resources and extremely slow to respond to the emergence of fake accounts and publishing false information.

Since, as noted by Zuckerberg, was the big number of choices. “We defended their integrity and justice. And here we are not talking about hackers. We develop new methods of dealing with this [phenomenon],” said he.

Under this, as the head of Facebook, refers to control systems based on artificial intelligence that can identify the fake accounts, its behavior resembles the actions of a real user. “We have a complex system that detect it. We first look at how many hours does a person need to register in the social network. We are trying to identify fake accounts on the registration stage, when the behavior is not the behavior of a person,” said Zuckerberg.

He added that in 2016 Facebook managed to establish cooperation with the secret services against interference in the elections. According to him, Facebook is now a day removes about 1 million fake accounts (trying to influence elections and spread the spam), using new systems based on artificial intelligence.

The head of Facebook also said that in recent years increasingly attempted interventions through social networks are not from abroad but from within the country in which elections are held.

The investigation of possible Russian interference in the American presidential election was conducted in the United States for three years. In April last year, the US Department of justice released the final report of the special Prosecutor Robert Mueller, stating that the campaign headquarters of the head of state Donald trump was not in collusion with Moscow, but Russia still tried to interfere in elections.