Zian Badge: “after two years I want to get into the national team of Algeria”

Zian Badge in ultrashort composed of the Aviator (second from left) / Photo – Sergey Zukile

The capital’s handball club “CSKA-Kiev” in this season does not Shine with results, but continues to attract attention – especially at the expense of their recruits. In November in the home game against ZNTU-ZAS (23:35) made his debut just two untypical for our handball Legionnaire. Rides again, Jan Hoffmann – became the first German in the history of Ukrainian Championships, and the goalkeeper Zian Badge – pioneer from Algeria.

Once we admit that preparing for an interview with the Algerian goalkeeper, we kept in mind first of all the exotic newcomer, confidently believing that he is the first neuropean our handball.

It turned out that it is not so. Eventually Zian Badge became the third representative of Africa in the Championships of Ukraine. The title of pioneer in fact, is a Lefty from Cameroon Tenova Romaric, who played two years in Donetsk “Polytechnic” (the seasons 2009/2010 and 2010/2011). And last year in the Higher League (second class division of Ukraine) in the group, “Odessa” right Welterweight was made by the Tunisian Ahmed Abidi.

…Nevertheless, the history of the emergence in the Ukrainian Superleague Tiana Badge even without reference to his legionary status – remained a serious reason for the interview. Journalist XSPORT Igor Grachev did not hesitate with a call gate guard “CSKA-Kiev”.

Zian Badge in ultrashort composed of the Aviator (second from left). Photo – Sergey Zukile

Zian, I’m still so unusual to start a conversation, but have to ask basic things…

No problem. I was born January 6, 1993 in Begaye – a city located on the Mediterranean sea, Northern Algeria. Height – 197 cm

Where did you start playing handball?

My first club was the representative fourth class of the division – RC Akbou. Once we played the match in the Cup of Algeria Bejaia vs HC, and even after the final whistle, I received an offer to join the opponent team. So I’m at the four seasons stayed in “Bejaia”, which was only one floor below the elite.

How close were you to rise in the class during this time?

In fact, we were far from improving. Although in my third season, we finished second among 12 teams. Alas, the promotion to the top division only received a winner.

How often have you trained?

If playing at home four times a week. Five – when I went to leave.

You received a salary?

Of course. My salary was 150 euros per month. Excluding bonuses. For example, winning a match at home we have relied for 40 euros bonus, away 50 to 60.

There is a suspicion that your salary at home 150 euros more than the one you get in the handball club “CSKA-Kiev”.

Indeed, here I stand for free – salary not provided to me. Why? I don’t know but to me this fact, I confess, not frustrating.

Apparently, because Kiev you were primarily because of the study?

You are absolutely right. I’m a second year student at the Kiev National University of technologies and design.

And who I want to be in the future?

A French language teacher.

Why then chose the faculty of mechatronics and computer technology KNUTD?

I plan to transfer to the next academic year.

Well, the main question is how you ended up in the handball club “CSKA-Kiev”?

My friend from Algeria gave me the phone number of the head coach. I wrote to him in Viber, they say, you want to try your hand at your club. On what received the answer: “Come, look at you.”

How many hits it took to Vladimir Leont’ev for you to officially join the team?

Seem had three workouts. Coach said that I was fine.

Vladimir Leontiev gave the green light to Ziano Badge in the Ukrainian Superleague / photos reporter-ua.com

If you believe the protocols, you played four official matches. The roster of “Aviator” and now three fails — how about the time you spent on the platform at these meetings.

Unfortunately, not as much as I would like. Approximately 5-10 minutes on average.

How do you feel in Kiev?

Well. Kiev is a beautiful city, especially like the part that is near the metro station “Arsenal”.

And in “the Aviator” ?

All too well, except that I want to get more playing time to show their abilities.

The biggest surprise in the club with positive and negative sides.

The surprise is that all my teammates are very young guys. So with the sign “minus” I note the lack of experienced players in the team.

A little bit after your premiere for the capital club debuted your compatriot Ahmed Alwash extreme. Were you acquainted before?

Direct to familiar no, but we met in Algeria at the site. Our team years played against each other. But take a closer look are already here – in Ukraine. I think in the future we will remain strong friends.

Alois became “the Aviator” with your submission?

No, we joined the team together.

Why he played only one match?

During this period he returned to Algeria to settle some paper issues.

What’s your main goal in the handball part of city life?

I want only one thing – to play. And if a global plan, then plan to join his national team in two years.

How often spend time outside of school and handball?

Nothing extraordinary – relaxing, watching movies…

What Ukrainian dishes had in mind?

I like the soup.

How do you assess your level of Russian?

As good. I speak Russian, you can write.

Name three of the most popular athlete in Algeria.

Footballer Riad Mahrez from Manchester city; toufik Makhloufi – Olympic champion-2012 in the 1,500 meters [plus two silver medals at the Rio 2016] and Slaves Madzher – a former football player and now a coach.

And the Ukrainian version of overpower?

Not fully. First of all, call of Andriy Shevchenko and tennis player… But can’t announce her name.

I Guess Elina Svitolina. About it there is a speech?



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