Zelensky held a meeting on the inhabitants of the occupied part of the Donbass

Zelensky met. Photo: President’s Office

President Vladimir Zelensky held a meeting to discuss the opportunity for young people from the occupied territories of Donbass to obtain a passport a citizen of Ukraine.

They talked about assisting students in admission to Ukrainian higher educational institutions, reported the press service of the President’s Office.

“We need to establish contact with civil people who are in the occupied territories and for one reason or another can’t live on controlled Ukraine of the territory,” said Zelensky.

It’s not just about those who left to live in the temporarily occupied territories, but also those who have returned there, because I couldn’t get the territory or to join the Ukrainian universities.

During the meeting, proposed to simplify the procedure for obtaining administrative services such as the preparation of Ukrainian birth certificate child’s passport and residents of the occupied territories.

Also considered the possibility to provide distance learning of the Ukrainian language and Ukraine’s history — disciplines that are now not taught in the temporarily occupied territories. It was about expanding the number of universities which could be children of this category, increasing quotas on budget places and the organization of a hotline for applicants.

“The head of state stressed the importance of organizing at checkpoints along the demarcation line in the Donetsk and Luhansk regions and Crimea admingranitse the centers of providing administrative services where people could receive the necessary services and important information,” — said in the OP.

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The meeting was attended by representatives of the Ministry of education and science, Ministry on Affairs of veterans, the temporarily occupied territories and internally displaced persons, Ministry of internal Affairs and State migration service.

They decided before March 1, “more specifically to develop proposals” and submit them at the next meeting.

The head of the parliamentary Committee on social policy Galina Tretyakov fraction of the “servant of the people” in an interview with “Interfax-Ukraine” said Ukraine will pay pensions to residents of the occupied Crimea and ORDO.