Zelensky filed return for the year 2018: what does the new Ukrainian President

The President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky issued the Declaration on the income for the year 2018. In it, among other things, he pointed out a Villa in Italy, an apartment in the UK and 5 unfinished hotel rooms in Georgia. In the previous Declaration about the Italian estate – not a word, although its owner Zelensky became even more in 2015.

In return for the 2019 President of Ukraine noted 9.2 million of income, including salary, which amounted to 4.1 million. First lady Elena Zelensky received for the year, 5.5 million hryvnias of income.

Among monetary assets Zelensky has declared 630 thousand dollars, 107 million euros and more than 1 million hryvnias on Bank accounts. Funds placed on accounts of PrivatBank, OTP Bank “Universal Bank”.

Real estate

In property Zelensky and his wife of 11 houses and apartments. One apartment is owned by Elena Zelensky, located in the occupied Yalta. Also on the property Zelensky – house in Italy, with an area of 413 square meters for more than 88 million. The President is the 100% owner of the estate.

Elena Zelenskaya was flat in the occupied Crimea: watch video

Leased to family Zelensky – apartment in the UK, with an area of 91.9 per square meter. Also among his unfinished real estate projects, the President indicated 5 hotel rooms in Georgia.

Valuable property

In addition, the President in his fleet has cars: Land Rover, worth almost UAH 4.7 million and Mercedes-Benz S-class price 1,8 million hryvnias.


Zelensky also owns shares of the company Vilhar Holdings Limited, Aldorante Limited and GREEN FAMILY LTD, registered in Cyprus.

Vladimir Zelensky and Elena are the ultimate beneficiaries of OOO “Cenacarta”, LLC “Studio Quarter-95”, LLC “Selari fish”, “Eloranta limited”, “Film Heritage Inc. and the San Tommaso S. R. L.”.

Among intangible assets the President declared three invention, three utility models and 25 brands or commercial names.

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