Zelensky and Poroshenko went to pay homage to the Macron who will enjoy it more

photo: AP

Visit Zelensky and Poroshenko in Paris was announced by the speaker of the electoral headquarters Poroshenko Oleg Medvedev. He told journalists: Ukrainian President and his main opponent will meet with Emmanuel Macron in a single day — April 12.

– Neither Washington nor Paris, nor Berlin have not understood their preferences on these candidates, — told in the comment “MK”, leading researcher of the research Center for CIS countries Oleg NEMENSKY. — So for Poroshenko and Zelensky is now an important aspect of campaigning is the dialogue with the West. Even more than communicating with their constituents. The West will be able to legalize the results of the vote. In this respect, the most important question — who of them will be able to convince Western partners that it is preferable for them as the President of Ukraine. The West are tired of Petro Poroshenko with his very unique and unusual style of work, consisting in constant blackmail. However, Zelensky there before were not working, not the West whirled him as a candidate. Now to him straight.

The meeting with Macron and important for Paris, which thanks to her will be able to decide in their preferences. Of course, we should not expect that the French President will announce after her, whom he supports. It would be incorrect. But the conclusions will certainly be made, and they will have very great importance in summing up the results of the second round. First of all, to Poroshenko. The results are likely to be in favor Zelensky, but it is clear that Poroshenko wants to give up power, for it is too dangerous scenario. Obviously, his headquarters being developed and other options, including the non-recognition of the election results because of alleged intervention of Russia. In this case Poroshenko support from the West, or lack thereof, can play a key role in the development of events.”

France is one of the States-participants of the Minsk format of negotiations on settling the situation in Eastern Ukraine. Three other participants in the “Norman Quartet” — Ukraine, Russia and Germany. In 2015, their leaders signed an agreement “Minsk-2”, which provides for the gradual achievement of peace in the Donbass. However, since then, the time is actually not a single paragraph of the document was not completed.

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