Zelensky and Poroshenko passed the tests: announced the first results

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Expertise is not found in the blood of the President of Petro Poroshenko psychoactive substances.

This was at the briefing said the chief doctor of Kyiv city narcological clinical hospital “sociotherapy” Vladimir Ardent.

“We used several ways of identifying psychoactive substances in the body. Was and quick tests, the results of which I have the opportunity to publish. No psychoactive substances were found. Within two hours we will have the opportunity to conduct a more thorough examination using mass-selective gas chromatograph. Then we will have information about the presence or absence of alcohol in the blood. A longer period is the procedure of hair. It can last up to two weeks,” said the doctor.

He explained that Poroshenko is blood handed over on the analysis of urine and hair, as well as passed the medical examination.

Showman Vladimir Zelensky, who initiated the examination, passed just blood. However, he expressed a willingness to take other tests. Examination it took place in the laboratory “EUROLAB”, which is owned by a supporter Zelensky Andrey Palchevsky. The results of his tests will be announced in three days.

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Vladimir Zelensky has announced its willingness to go to the debate with Petro Poroshenko. Called to undergo a medical examination. Poroshenko said that the President is waiting Zelensky at 9:00 on 5 April in the infirmary of the stadium “Olympic”.

However, Zelensky arrived at 7:45 in the laboratory “EUROLAB”. Poroshenko, as expected, the tests in the infirmary of the Olympic stadium, where the examination of athletes.


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