Zelensky – 41: what are the statements noted politician and the leader of “Kvartal 95”

Actor, comedian, leader of the “Quarter 95” and the candidate in presidents Vladimir Zelensky was 41 years old. Showman celebrates his birthday on January 25. On this occasion, the channel 24 decided to recall political statements, which Vladimir Zelensky said in the past year.

About Zelensky as a likely presidential candidate spoke after the success of the series “servant of the people”, where he played the main role. In the film he plays a simple history teacher Vasily Goloborod’ko, who unexpectedly ascended to the highest position in Ukraine.

Considerably contributed to his passionate speech in the film, one of his students posted on the web. Note that even before the premiere of the series this speech was presented as the words of Zelensky. As a result the video became viral.

Zelensky (Basil Goloborodko) criticizes the Ukrainian government. Profanity, video 18+

In the summer of 2018 talk about the campaign Zelensky policy has been intensified. Then appeared his first statement regarding the participation in elections of the President, but then he said it in a humorous way.

“And again I ask, what am I? What am I? I – it’s okay? If just you and I, we, you know? But if we – that is all,” Zelensky addressed to Svyatoslav Vakarchuk, congratulating Ukrainians on Constitution Day.

Also in the summer he took the opportunity and congratulated Ukraine with flag Day.

“Congratulations, my dear Ukraine, with Flag Day. Very cool, when you have a country and when you are proud of it,” said the leader of “95 Quarter”.

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In late July, a landmark for Ukraine the victory was won by boxer Alexander Usik, who became the absolute world champion on Boxing. My congratulations to said and showman. However, during the speech he touched on another important subject.

“Now discussing – you’re the hero of Ukraine or not to give you the Hero or not. Well, you know, a hero is one who protects the dignity of our country, so you’re the hero! That’s all that matters. And a patriot, because as a friend of mine says, a patriot of Ukraine – is the one who pays in this country taxes. So happy you and victory! Good luck!” – said Zelensky.

Why is everyone discussing the title of Hero of Ukraine to Oleksandr Usyk?
In the final of the super series world Boxing Oleksandr Usyk fought with the Russians by Murat Gassiev. Also added fuel to the fire that the fight was held in Moscow. After a convincing victory of the Ukrainian Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman suggested that to assign the title of Hero of Ukraine. After this statement, in society, there was heated debate about this. Opponents of this decision argued, in particular, his position that the Tendril allegedly making controversial statements on Crimea, which it is native, and Russian-Ukrainian relations. In the end, the boxer refused Hero.

As a politician Zelensky began to position itself in autumn 2018. First, he launched a resonance flashmob #DipTrace. This call was addressed primarily to the people’s Deputy Oleg Barna, who obscenely abused a journalist.

“The building of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine of one of deputies, a Deputy by the name of Barna, has sent three letters to the journalist. And he said – go to… In the face of the journalist he sent three letters to all media representatives. So I think it would be fair that all media will make a return message. Three letters I can’t send a man, because it’s just not right, and I think you guys are all there not going to fit. But we have found a warm, cozy, safe place. So – go to CP*ku!” – said Zelensky.

And after a while from his lips sounded and the first statement about a possible presidency. He did it on stage, “Quarter 95” and with a humorous subtext. According to him, he has a law degree and no political experience, but in both cases is a plus. The comedian also noted that it hurts when they say that the money for the participation in the elections can only give the oligarch Igor Kolomoisky.

“I have to go for the presidency…cha, let’s see,” – said at the end of his speech, the showman.

Zelensky for the first time commented on his participation in presidential elections: watch the video


In November, Vladimir Zelensky and his team again took a step, which is then discussed as users of the network and the rest of the population of Ukraine. The fact that in the big city there were billboards with the inscription “the President is the servant of the people. Soon.” On the one hand you might think that says about the new season of “servant of the people”, and on the other the campaign for the claims Zelensky at the highest position.

After a while Zelensky has launched another flash mob. This time the rally touched the main songs from his TV series “a servant of the people”, which the leader of the “Quarter-95” has suggested to translate from Russian to Ukrainian language.

“We have a song: “I love my country, I love my wife, I love my dog.” We offer flashmob – send your translation of this song. I have even made two lines: “I love my squad, I love my kraïnu”. Here’s a flash mob. The winner we’ll be waiting on the set of the servant of the people. Continuation”, – appealed to his fans Zelensky in the video.

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Also this month, Vladimir Zelensky has responded to the results of opinion polls on the choice of Ukrainians in the presidential elections. According to numerous ratings, showman was second only to the heavyweight of Ukrainian politics Yulia Tymoshenko.

“What is there to fear? I have a second, Tymoshenko’s first. Normal, good fight. But, I think that’s what I like a real man, whatever, just has to pass until the woman forward,” commented on the above mentioned indicators Zelensky.

As you can see, November was a pretty prolific on the various statements and the loud steps of the Zelenski and his team. They decided then to release a video dedicated to the third anniversary of the “Servants of the people”. The footage can be seen as a hero Zelensky Basil Goloborodko after his election as President for the first time appealed to Ukrainians.

“I promise I will not. First, it is unfair. Secondly, I absolutely do not understand. But it is, I got it. I know one thing, we have to act, then to not be ashamed to look in the eyes of children. And parents. And all of you. This, Ukrainians, I promise you,” said Zelensky-“the President” in the video.

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Towards the end of the month Vladimir Zelensky has launched another Pro-Ukrainian flash mob – this time it was called CallMeUkrainian (call me Ukrainian). According to the comedian, on the initiative he pushed the conversation with the local people in Cyprus, who thought that Kiev is in Russia.

“I told him that Kiev is Ukraine. Call me Ukrainian. We – Ukrainians! Explained that Ukraine is a separate independent country. Called him names Shevchenko, Sikorsky…” he said.

Not passed by Zelensky and the imposition of martial law in Ukraine.

“Our entire country is discussing the introduction of martial law in Ukraine. Some speak and write that it should be introduced in 2014, others say – no, wait, it is due to the fact, to delay the presidential elections, others say – no, let’s enter, the elections is not affected. I don’t think we focused on that. The main thing – to return to the 24 guys that were captured… I appeal to all politicians: don’t let’s PR on the subject, do your core work and try to do everything to bring the boys home. We hold for you fists, guys”, – said Zelensky.

The statement of Vladimir Zelensky on the military situation in Ukraine: watch the video


Why Ukraine imposed martial law?
November 25 in the sea of Azov border Russian ship rammed the RAID tug of the Ukrainian military. It is known that 2 of the Ukrainian military small armored artillery boats and offshore tug went according to plan and according to international standards from the port of Odessa to the port of Mariupol. However, Russia said that the Ukrainian warships allegedly illegal came in temporarily closed the waters of the territorial sea of the Russian Federation and continued moving to the Kerch Strait. Subsequently, a group of Ukrainian ships continued on their way to Mariupol. However, near the Kerch Strait, the Russian border guard vessel opened fire on Ukrainian ship, resulting in 6 Ukrainian sailors were injured. Russia also seized 2 Ukrainian vessel and captured 24 Ukrainian sailors, who were later arrested in the occupied Crimea. After that, the Ukraine was put into 10 regions martial law until December 26. In addition, 30 November Ukraine has banned the entry into its territory of male Russian citizens aged 16-60 years.

A lot of political statements Zelensky sounded at the end of December 2018. Most of them, he said in comments well-known journalist Dmitry Gordon. Showman, in particular, in General terms, announced its plans to participate in political life.

“We (he and his party “servant of the people”, which appeared in December 2017 – 24 channel) we select the people who will travel the country… Well, we’ll get to that – in the fall elections. And I’d like to find decent people. “But imagine for a moment, Volodya, you’ve got people over there (of course, there are criteria – that they have never been in politics, it is clear that I’m 10 just going to talk to them, to watch), and they were… people don’t want to say “bad” – beautiful, but pricewelcome. What to do with it?” Clean! Completely. I’ll bury this game once, in a moment, if you will not be able to change one, the second, the third on the other three” – persuaded Zelensky.

In addition, the showman made a statement concerning the interventions in Russia. He argues that because of the relationship that exists between our countries, he had to turn there and successful film business.

“Stopped everything. “Mutual sympathy”. It’s impossible. I can’t go there to speak. I feel bad. Not because someone will say. This is my internal feeling. Now I have been invited to perform in Russia or for Russians abroad. But despite the high fees, I must decline. I can’t get over yourself,” said the showman.

He also expressed regret over the fact that Ukraine is losing the information war to the aggressor country, because among the actors there and those who are Pro-Ukrainian position. According to him, in Moscow, he managed to convince some of his friends, who believed that the Crimea belongs to Russia.

“I took the microphone from the karaoke and began to talk about the fact that Crimea is ours, your people are taking over. And everyone in the audience was on my side. It’s our loss – the information war. Normal, sane Russian artists, which for us, they would all broadcast. We ourselves turned away. And some fell under information attack, – said the actor.

Regarding the conflict in the Donbass Zelensky believes that we should negotiate with Russia, as with the puppet leaders of the “LNR” and “DNR” say it makes no sense. In his opinion, making a list of requirements of both sides, it is possible to find a middle ground that will suit all. At the same time, Zelensky does not preclude the holding of a referendum.

“And what are the ways? The Minsk agreement do not work. Go war? I’m generally against because I am a man, very liberal, and the war in the Donbass primarily affects human life. The whole subject, all those pieces of land, it’s all about human life. Everything. So, I would have taken a human life, would put – that’s our goal, to keep people. So you have to say. We want it or not, through itself, even with devil bald are ready to negotiate, to not die, no man,” said the likely presidential candidate.

At the end of 2018, there was one more loud statement Zelensky, but here it is already clearly stated that it is in the policy, but not one, and together with his party.

“Party “servant of the people” is in politics. And Vladimir Zelensky – a party of “servant of the people”. We have a very large team in the “block”. People you can’t even see on stage, the 300 people working. So many of those people who will be in the party “servant of the people”, to me increased. It is not the artists. They are now working on legal and financial issues,” he said.

And for a few minutes before the New year was something that waited in the Ukraine – Zelensky finally decided on its participation in presidential elections. In his speech on the TV channel “1+1” showed instead of the new year’s speech of Petro Poroshenko, entertainer, going from Russian to Ukrainian, noted that now in Ukraine there was such situation when every Ukrainian there are three ways.

“Now in Ukraine the situation when every Ukrainian there are three ways. The first way to live, how to live, to go with the flow, and that’s fine, it’s the choice of everyone. The second way to pack your things and go to another country to earn money there and send them to your friends and family… and that’s okay too. But there is a third way – to try to change something in Ukraine. And I chose him… you Know, unlike our major politicians, and I don’t mean it is useless to promise anything. And now, for a few minutes before the New year I have something promised and will perform. Dear Ukrainians, I promise You to go to the Presidents of Ukraine and immediately fulfilling. I am running for President of Ukraine”, – said the leader of “95 Quarter”.

Zelensky said that goes to the President of Ukraine: watch the video


The next day, January 1, Vladimir Zelensky started a presidential campaign – in another video he called on Ukrainians to join their team.

“No matter what your gender, religion, education and the language spoken. It is important that you have never been in politics, and while this is the most important,” he said.

Zelensky gather people in your team: watch the video

8 Jan artist again appealed to the Ukrainians, but this time asked him to help create the campaign programme, then he was not. He first published the quotes of various pre-election programs of various politicians, and ultimately concluded that it was not fulfilled and it is still unclear who among the politicians belongs to each of the promises.

“I think old politicians live a very simple principle: “No one asked nothing, has promised much, did nothing”. I will do different: we will write my program with you. We will write together with people throughout the country then will find solutions to all problems, and then bring them to life. Write five main problems of Ukraine. It is necessary to start with this”, – said the showman.

Our program. KROK 1. Zrobilo TSE time! #stabilizertm #ze2019

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Vladimir Zelensky on Tuesday, 8th January 2019

In the middle of the month Vladimir Zelensky has responded to the investigation of journalists on his businesses in Russia. As asserted by the actor, there neither he nor the team “95 Quarter” do not go due to the fact that the Kremlin did with Ukraine. Also, according to him, it brought a criminal case for the fact that he “Kvartal 95” helped the Ukrainian army finances.

“Our company really has a lot of different rights. We trade with 21 countries abroad and all CIS countries. We are trading intellectual property rights, our formats, our ideas, our scripts. The money from this come in a variety of Western companies, but then returned to Ukraine and spent in Ukraine”, – explained Zelensky.

After some time he announced that he had decided to withdraw from the Cyprus company which in turn owns a movie company on the territory of the Russian Federation.

“The decision I have is which is very simple and all takes. I realized that I can not get out of this company that there (in Russia – 24 channel), and Cypriot company, which is the owner of those companies. And that’s all. Today we found this solution in the near future I will. In respect of an application for state funding of the film Down in Russia, it was served those who engaged in this company in Russia because we gave it to the management…. Today the Studio “Kvartal 95” is receiving royalties from all intellectual products that were produced before 2014. This contract is concluded for 10 years. How to close this company? Contract until 2021. From 2011 to 2021 we receive royalties from “the Matchmakers”. The money we receive. What are we to do? Close? To give the Russians our money? No”,– said Zelensky.

Review of Vladimir Zelensky about business in Russia: video

What is known about the scandal around the business Zelensky in Russia?Journalists of the program “Schemes”, which airs on channel 24, found that there are three Russian companies that are engaged in the production of film, video and television programme – “Weisberg pictures”, “Platinumfilm” and “green Films”. The founder of all three is a Cypriot company Green Family LTD, who is also the co-founder of “95 Quarter” in Ukraine, and its ultimate beneficiaries stated Vladimir Zelensky and his business partners. According to journalists, the income on account of the Green Family LTD and its partners in Russia from 2014 to 2017, amounted to more than 350 million. In addition, the authors of the investigation, these companies are still active.

Last loud statement Zelensky was about his future in the event of failure in the presidential elections. As he said, this is not a toy – just go into politics and then to quit in the middle of the road. In his opinion, it is necessary to justify the people’s trust.

“I look at the result. Look at the real numbers. If they are young, I will not continue the story in politics. I understand that people don’t want to see a political figure. All. I will return to my profession,” said Vladimir Zelensky.

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