Zbra Ukraine sberegla position in the rating FFA

Zbra Ukraine, UNIAN photo

vchora, 14:14

Zbra Ukraine sberegla its position in obnovlennom rating FFA.

The rating for Ukrainian team salicylate on the 24th posits, Yak Zainal in CNC view from the past year.

The first ten of the rating also salicylate without changes. Ldir zbra Belg, other f France, and Tamika trico lderv zbra Brazil.

Onovleny a rating FFA:

Onovleny a rating FFA

Yak povidomlyav as Znaia, the head coach zbro of Ukraine s football Andriy Shevchenko inclusions to the top 10 nycrama trainers national teams for Versu IFFHS.

Shevchenko POV volme the meeting place, scoring 41 points.

Andriy Shevchenko

Ocolis stars out coach zbra Portugal (112), the second – mentor Brazil TTE (102), trem becoming Roberto Martinez (97), scho oculu team Belg.

Also in the top 10 potrapila DJ Deschamps (France, 87), Gareth Gates (UK, 45), Roberto Mancin (Italy, 42) that Feliks Sanchez (Qatar, 11).

TOP 10 nycrama trainers rock for Versu IFFHS

Obov’yazkovo papishes on our channel Viber, not dwellers of propustiti niccas

Nagado, pid cervista Andre Shevchenko of Ukraine zbirna vigrala his group in Ls Nations, and also dostrokove Kavala for Euro 2020.

Yak wrote the portal Znayu, Ukraine panelsa in rating FFA.