ZaxidFest 2017: a guide Festivalniy, or how to survive in a tent

To flee, to go to a music festival somewhere outside the city, but to spend the night in a hotel or in a rented apartment, of course, cool and most importantly comfortable. But to fully feel the festive atmosphere can only be lived in the tent. At least in this convince the “revelers” with the experience.
How to decide on the first night in field conditions and to survive or even to create a comfortable environment to tell the organizers ZaxidFest.
Things without which the festival cannot do
1. Tent
To live in a tent camp, of course, need a tent. It is possible to bring your own or rent already in place. If experience setting up the “canvas hut” you don’t have, this definitely will help experienced festivalnyi. A lot of them there will be. It is necessary to take into account the fact that the night can be quite chilly, so the kit for the tent need to bring sleeping bag and Mat. Then the risk of chilled kidneys or any other vital organ will come to naught.
Lifehack. Often under the tent enclose straw or small twigs from bushes. It’s a little further alienate you from the cold ground.

2. Food and utensils
Practical and delicious set — it preserves, cereals, vegetables and fruits. The products are perishable, you should not take. For cooking you can grab a small pot (if you go), a metal Cup, a spoon and a bowl. This will be enough. Organizers suggest from plastic tableware to refuse as some of the “characters” do not convey it to landfills, and as a result, plates are scattered throughout. If cooking in the camp there is no desire, you can always eat at the festival in the food court area.

3. Money
Here we must note that ATMs in the pitch. Therefore, the cash you need to prepare in advance and get enough. During an average day, visitors spend 100-150 USD. But it depends on what kind of scale out. Because in a day and 500 UAH to spend.
4. Clothing
Look stylish on the photos, of course, want it all. But there is a terrible risk to go home without a sole from the new pair of shoes or a ketchup stained white t-shirt. To take new, expensive items to the festival not worth it. As for shoes on heels, probably, it is clear — it’s irrelevant. The best set of two jeans, shorts, several t-shirts, warm sweater, jacket or windbreaker. Because of the evening cold, and the mosquitoes are ruthless. As for shoes, it is best to take two pairs of sneakers. Preferably old. If you want to listen to your favorite artist under the stage, that is exactly what someone on foot will come.
It is necessary to take into account the fact that the day can greatly oven the sun, so a hat or baseball cap should be to yourself.

The entrance to the tent city and the festival site separate.
Camping you can rent everything necessary for living, it is only prohibited to carry glass bottles, drugs, weapons and items that can be used as a weapon. The exception is a folding knife whose blade length exceeds 8 inches, sapper shovels, and sports equipment for domestic use.
Don’t forget about personal hygiene and first aid kit. And bring an umbrella or a raincoat.
On the territory of the tent camp ZaxidFest will work showers, charging mobile equipment, drinking water, separate room for power. Learn more about the conditions of stay at the festival.

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