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Sunday. Kiev. The stadium “Dynamo” named after Valeriy lobanovskyi. “Olimpik” – “The Dynamo” – 1:2. In the attack Nazar RUSIN. Photo:

Pre-approval our youth team will be held in Turkey, where the team will take part in the Antalya Cup.

While the team has not collected all the strongest players of the right age. Andrei Lunin, the head of Mikolenko and Nikolay Shaparenko caused by Andriy Shevchenko in the first team. Serious detachment of the candidates in the youth team is preparing Alexander Petrakova at U-20, who went to a training camp in Spain.

She still takes priority, as the team starts the qualifying tournament CHE-2021 (U-21) in September, and the teams have U-20 final tournament of the world championship will be held from 23 may to 15 June. By the way, and she flew to Spain not in the strongest team: the best players born in 2000, will play for the team of the appropriate age in the elite round of the European championship, which kicks off Wednesday in Italy.

De facto the current team took the start last year, when it was led by Alexander Golovko. In November, held at UTK Viktor Bannikova friendly match with Georgian peers (3:3). Fundamental changes in the candidate list after the change of leadership there, but it has expanded.

At the end of December, it was decided that the team will be headed by Ruslan rotan. In late January he decided to assistants (Vasyl Kardash, Alexander Melaschenko, Alexei Chistyakov and Vitaliy Reva). In February they are all in Turkey, Spain, and Ukraine watched getting ready for the season in their clubs suitable for age players.


Incidentally, they are not so much of a decent standard. Do you know how many came in the starting lineups in the first five matches of the 22nd round? Mikolenko, and Rusin Dynamo, Boboglo in the “Alexandria”, Cheberko in the “Dawn” Vakula “Mariupol”, talochka in Carpathians. And that’s all! You can be even released Shaparenko add, but he’s already a first team player, as Mikolenko.

Rusin hit the “start” “the Dynamo” as a result of conjunctures – Salt injured, Duelund restored, Verbic after an illness. But took the chance – scored. Eugene Cheberko in the “Dawn” was the substitute for the disqualified main left-back Bohdan Mykhailychenko. Vladislav Vakula called to U-20.

Let’s hope that at least Vladislav was Boboglo in place of the departed to Shakhtar Valeriy Bondarenko – the long haul, not as that of the experiment (this stage is behind), and just one of the options. The others – doubles Dynamo and Shakhtar, and not necessarily being charismatic digerati their teams, or in the wings in the clubs of an average hand. But this generation Kilana Mbappe, Matteis de Ligt, Gianluigi Donnarumma…

The camp that the coaches gave to someone to play, but now that I need to solve tournament problems, go to fight some old people. Surprisingly, no one from the first League, but there is a similar pattern. Although, maybe, the lean years, because there is talent and younger, and a little older.

But still, it was thought that after five years of outflows abroad staff will begin to rise more Ukrainian stars. Alas. So we have new staff and pass-toothed comb, so do not miss anyone.


The Legionnaire is a special case. Coaches, of course, know what constitutes Orestes Lebedenko, who generate a lot for Karpaty. In January, the citizen went in “Lugo”, but still never hit the bid. 20-year-old Lugansk region Bogdan Milovanov, living in Spain since the age of five, plays regularly (including last weekend) in Spain in segunda for the second team Jijona “sporting”, but this is only the third level of Spanish football…

Midfielder Maxim Resie was brought in from Dnipro in the youth team Vladimir Lytkina, his current club Kosice in 1997 was not allowed in League of Champions “Spartak”, is now leading in Slovakia. But in the third League…

Started in Donetsk, 20-year-old pupil of the Kiev “Monolith” forward Evgeniy Serdyuk, scoring a lot of goals for the club, “Fatima” in the third League of Portugal. In the winter wih, how easily it is called in this country, moved to the “Boavista”, but up to the first team far…

The youth team of Ukraine (U-21): goalkeepers Eugene Kucherenko (Shakhtar), Andrei Kozhukhar (“Chernomorets”), Oleg Bilyk (“Alexandria”); defenders Oleksandr Romanchuk (“Dynamo”), Ivan Semenikhin, Vladimir Yakimets (both – Shakhtar), Eugene Cheberko (“dawn”), Vladislav was Boboglo, Timur Starikov (both “Alexandria”), Alexey Bykov (Mariupol), Vladislav Dubinchuk (“Arsenal”), Orestes Lebedenko (“Lugo” Spain), Bogdan Milovanov (sporting, Spain); Midfielders Ahmad Alibekov, Evgeny Smirnov (both “Dynamo”), Dmitry Topalov, Maxim Czech (both – Shakhtar), Bogdan Lednev, Maxim Lunev (both “dawn”), Ilya putrya (Mariupol), Artem Kozak (Arsenal), Roman vantuh, Andrei Kravchuk (both Marseille), Maxim Resie (Kosice Slovakia); forwards Nazar Rusin (“Dynamo”), Evgeniy Serdyuk (“Boavista”, Portugal).


The team will hold in Turkey four games: March 21, will play against Estonia, 22nd of Macedonia, 25th of Kazakhstan, December 26 against Latvia. The tournament will be held in a circular system with two exceptions. Since the youth national teams of Latvia and Estonia, Kazakhstan and Macedonia were in one group selection for EURO-2021 (U-21), the matches between them will not be conducted.

In this regard, to determine the winner of the tournament in the point standings of each team will go only three games. Thus, the Ukrainians will be the only team in Turkey will play four matches, but a meeting with Estonia will not bring them points. But for Estonians this game will have tournament value.

Eugene BELOZEROV, Sport-Express in Ukraine

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