Yevhen SELEZNYOV: “I don’t understand how Shakhtar could let Rakytskyy”

Yaroslav Rakitskiy. Photo:

Forward “Malaga” Eugene Seleznev believes that Shakhtar made the mistake of selling Yaroslav Rakitskiy in the “Zenith”.

“I need this transfer was not surprised. Why should I be surprised? Rakitskiy is my friend, he’s like a brother to me.

We are both graduates of Shakhtar Academy, talk to him for a long time and close friends.

I would have accepted any choice, whatever it was. Would have supported him anyway.

Zenit is a top club. How can you deny it? In turn Rakitskiy’s a strong player, the strongest.

You know, there are igracki, and there are players. Here Rakitskiy characterizes the last word.

I don’t understand how Shakhtar could let him go. They had a fight with Paulo Fonseca, it’s understandable. But it’s his job, head coach of the miners. He wants to destroy everything. I would be in such a player grabbed hands and feet, and wouldn’t ever.

I’ll see what’s Fonseca will train without Rakitskiy. This man was half of the team. Get him and what will happen? We’ll see. Here even say nothing. Just coach prioritizes in favor of his ego.”


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