Yes, sleeping with them, and what to do? Who would complain? Where you gonna go? – finalist in “Innovations in Ukrainian”

Published work “Ah, Naples…” the finalists of the contest “Innovations in Ukrainian” Severnogo Margaret (nee Kamenev). The author was born in Novosibirsk region (Russian Federation) in 1975. Grew up in the Odessa region. A philologist by education. Working as a teacher of Ukrainian language and literature. Included in the all-Ukrainian creative Union “Congress of writers of Ukraine”, Ukrainian Association of writers of the Western region, Dunaevetskogo literary-artistic Association “Russian name” Vladimir Bablake.

The author of the collections “Ognennyh Mriy vitrila” (2013), “Moon” (2014), “Tilki ti povertaysya” (2017), “povertaysya” (2017), “Wohnen flowers” (2018), transfers the “Ti paclic – I I’ll come”(2016) and “In the sight inochi not sloza” (2017). Poetical and prose works, literary studies and reviews published in many journals, collective books and anthologies.

Now lives in Kamenetz-Podolsk and in the village Krivchikov on Dunaevetsky.


Finalist of competition “New Ukrainian” Margarita Severnogo

Full text:

Je mene friend, Olena Petrivna. Well, I lachey you are so I represent and Seli won just a woman LNA. I NADIIA Mykhailivna – rokiv z dvadtsati, Bo ucitelka. And LNA hto? In Molodost – kolgospna, poczesna, a milkmaid, and Yak kolgosp razvalili I farm for zeglin Rostral became poetisa: “dovhopolivka”. Now mi Obid on pens, year already. Not long Basilica, Bo W Ln to Tal podlasia on zarobki. And today sustris, navti not itsnasa , odrazu: Taka Pani! TSE W required: kapelushok, oculari from Sonts, NGT red, ruin perlamutrov, “toner” Namaskara – Sturt possible! She won in Malad rocky nawt the word “makeup” is not resume, and then take peretvorennya! Ale trade. Obamanos, clumsy, that is not so, Yak ti in the series – a pose Vuh, and in spavinaw, MOBI lipstick on VSI Soci. Baciu, can’t wait podroz pohjalaisia, ale scho for rozmowy center vulitsi? Demobilise wocher sustris.

Zahopili I plastinu liqueurs Vishnevo, Nacho Ulublena and LNA vzhe th table of nakryla – PCA, noodle zamorska (not spagat, and pasta!), salad, olives, sche yakas Mara… that is not sotto, smut W – pogovorite! Scho mene Zivago? Homeland, city of I sores… And Lnca W purose behind a cordon!

You pacmakaveli troch Vishnevka, sporocili bowl to mouth (hot.) I Powstania on divan. Hi, a friend has prodemonstrirovala RSN talisic vytrebenki I poziroval meni sunku AZURO th frmo Colgate. From now I vzhe Bula exactly ready sluchaty about Talu.

Ah, Naples… mi Scho s you, Nadia, have a drink svoa it? Year-long Lengrad stila on excursions, and I further street of the Bazaar is not buvala Nikoli. Life passes, the night well! For meni n attest, cholovika no, Wisla same sons and a daughter, navdata times on purose. Side I chotiroh stag that th decided pahati on zarobki. From skilki vzhe zhinok tilki s nashogo village Vigala, but I scho not mozhu so needless pdservice in Clubbing? Rospital dobre, scho th to chogo, passport international zrobila paid odni frm, Yak vlastova our robot in Tal – in and out in a few months pslo. Pahala. Movi not know that St scho? Said rd frm scho I take, there vepco.

Prichala to Naples, bus saws just to plow, de our people to work naimat. Take schos, Yak nevolnichy market have Cap. Mali mene soustrot there, she was fooled. Stand alone nemausa. From th Vecr, vsih rosbri, the one I salicylas. Kudi, take a look around, I don’t know. Spitty hi to anyone. The second carabiner am afraid – polc talisca. What are Robit? The hotel no pennies, the second de that gothel?

Already Raptor PD IgA jeep, Chorny, great. Viswas s Vikna Chelopech saglawi I had something pita. And scho sama, I know Hiba? Ale nod: “CI! CI!” On whether Yak robot zgodna, abi did not silisili then the very, nich to nahodit! Odne word rosbel: “the Farm”. Oh, I think the Yom farm potrebna prance. “So, ºc! That is, CI, signiora! I moju on farm pracovali! Purity thinness dola!” The second show of hands, Yak sama dola. The looked nedovrseno. Scho, similar to the milkmaid? Then presernova s him lad schos stench paradiles I hands Machaut: paheli, mean. Otoh vzhe I trade! Uses in the SUV – bless you, earth taliska!

Hale mi Dovgy, I already sakuntala. Priïhali on the khutir. Adobes great economy, navkolo field susd not visible. Brought me to cmnty showed de kitchen, de bath, INSHI srucnoc. Nichogo not rospital more Bo nich, claims docility. And my pocha zranku limitowana. Viyavilos scho gospodar moï three brothers, VSI nitrogen. Trimout farm pratsyuyut hard, without women m already niyak. From moï obov yazki included cooks STI, primerate, Prati, pogledati cow s Telecom. TA Hiba for me. On farm mene Bulo 40 corv! So scho I lived in them, NBI in the home, on vsomu ready, duzhe not paranormals. Then vnoc… Oh, Nadia! Ti sobi I do not pavlas, that garak talic! So, she slept W them, and scho Bulo are Robit? Who pagasa? Kudi veces? I CERs, and z USA time… That I did, skilki live, not vdouble! Ex Nashi coloca SOSM not mayut Fantas…

MINALI will for mesyacem, I troch nauchilas talisca ale so ninians words. In principle, meni vistacare. The th Pro scho s momi chlopcem Bulo say? “Pronto”, “Chao”, “sesso”, “Grazie”, “belsko”… Nepoko other. Brother ncode did not vypuskali. Mauger, boalia scho Vacu? Pennies are not allowed. All scho meni Bulo need, Sami brought, order robili: clothing, cosmetics, perfume… Dodoma permitted pozvonite times on week.

So proyshla purose. Sons and a daughter all depicts, skilki meni paying, and I I scho mozhu skazati? Well I’m here menace in rbstv. Sexy…

Canon I-th wigdale narahari, BUSM won at smart: “Not mozhut stink you don’t otpustite to horo, detini! For them, the mother – the Holy spirit!” So I I zrobila. Sasaciloa boys, but not superacval Momo VD SDO. Lachey spitali, Chi will turn. “Akie! tricky. – Yak Donya Vidura, odrazu pride!” And she think: “Meni, ISA Swede vibrates, tilki ve me th drink!”

Not suprise gospodar, sbreli me on the road, podarunkiv bought – I meni, I to rodicu. Prosilica cried! Lucky to the station. Senior, Amato, dopag way to bring up the wagon – three valsi! I tsusa: not s porozni hands PowerToys! Amato mene Obama on Prasanna I pit, Chi, I definitely turn. “Sweno, – dent. – Obov’yazkovo!” Then dsta s kishen money, daє meni. “Lcui dongkou I povertaysya!” I Yak poradovala: CIM thousands Euro! Nichogo sobi! Z Vikna has visuals, waving their hands, shouting: “Lads moï! I povernula! Not only Bert nikogo! I Shvidko!”

– LNO, T. scho? Sprawd thinking; hate to Tal?

– Ti shte pitch? Acre! Scho meni there are Robit? Dongkou provala, ookami patsies. Two dni th podu. And then there moï lads roshbluan, not smooth Dovgy terpri, NSW sobi vsmall. Hi, Nadia, podu, skochilo I am for them. Ah, Naples…

Pohela my friend. Telefonoval vchora. Kazhe, shcho all good: sustri, sredl duzhe.

– And that of the Naples? – nourish. – Ti W so nichogo not rospoli. Seem, the sky there sin-sin, Yak nide truth more! And mouse, archtecture Yak?

– That mouse? Smsna ti, Nad! About archtecture can in encycloped pacitti, if curiously.

And she potata sweet:

The Yak well, good then, Mama MIA!

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In the competition “a short story in Ukrainian,” won work “Footprint” of 36-year-old writer Ilya Yulia from Kharkov. She receives a reward of 5 thousand hryvnias. The contest this year, sent 71 novel. Theme of his works was free, but a symbolic slogan – “No”. That is, the action in novels should touch on visa-free regime between Ukraine and the European Union, to occur in the EU or be unrelated to them.


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