Year you can feed Buryatia – 8-year-old Russian turned to Medvedev regarding his billions

8-year-old resident of Buryatia after watching the movie “It is you, not Dimon” has recorded a video message to the Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry Medvedev and asked where an official of such state.
The corresponding video is gaining popularity on Youtube.
The footage the guy asks the Russian Prime Minister, truthful information about palaces, yachts, and vineyards, which cost 70 billion rubles.
“Dad said it was a very large sum, and the money can year to feed the whole of Buryatia. I wanted to ask you, is this all true?” — said the boy.
In addition, 8-year-old drilled inquired about the fate of oil and gazodollary received by Russia.
“On TV say that Russia is a very rich country. We have oil, natural gas, and we sell them, and why these people do not get the money?”, — surprised young citizen of Russia.
Finally, the band wished Medvedev to hold on and as soon as possible to recover, because they have heard that he is sick right now, and the balalaika played the song for him, “Captain, smile.”

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