Yak borotba s korupci in Ukraine can become uspshnomu: butt Roman

Borotba s korupci not besada right newt in Ukraine. Nazionale antikorupcinio Bureau that Specultaion antikorupcine prosecutors znovu Stivali. Tsogo once the stench Zaccaria domstol, kritikovati the Yak is not duzhe prinjato, after viyna in the country. TSE Minsterstvo defense.
11 Zhovtnya pracaviki NABOO was satriale two posadov minsterstvo of action mnestra defense I. Director of the Department demisexual. NBI on zakupu palivo Ministerstvom Bulo roztratene 149 mlion UAH. Plantsthe situac has, in fact, that the company, which took the fate of zakopal Mauger bude POV’yazana s vplivom patikami Vladi iz.
Spochatku Bula hvilya Oboronna scho on crow someone can otrisovat of adpribose. Yak TSE? And next, people pocha, pisati, one after scho TSE nhto not Potrait for grati. After joden “CLN” I iz NAB SAP will kucnim pravesam has not vdlufa retribution from mstah pozbavlennya freedom.
Moreover, the MP Boryslav Rozenblat, yaky becoming domim all kraïnu, zavdyaki spareparts “agent Katerini” I peredaval I Haber, at a time television star. The ber the fate of the talk show, comentou pad in the country. The y colleges, vzhe not vderlasya from Rosenblatt. About Demba at Veresen shadovv domi journalist I televeduschiy programs include HardTalk on the BBC Stun Sakura. He sapitula Prem courier-mnestra Volodymyr Groisman, pid hour Konferenz have CIV, so Yak Mauger Buti, scho tsya person has DOS MP to Parliament?
And another domi fluent, Roman Nasirov, satiago vivchennya documents on their sprav. Rosslyn prokurori zakonchili school at lipn, ale Nasrul not Pope read a document. I pokey he s not review them, the court did not responese.
Warty uwagi butt Rumen. Antikorupcinio national Directorate Rumun, an analogue of our NABOO . EPS CCB in school from 2002 year. Ale zapratsavau effective only after 10 years, if u 2013 rotsi Yogo ocholla Laura Codruta Coves. TSE kolesny General Prosecutor Roman, by the way mamelodi for usyu – Novotny story.
Have Comes no to a b_znes, mesca won in quarter, Yak, prebola the loan. Ale sama W / im’ya Yam POV asout asphi Roman have borotbi s korupci. Usemame lachey latest year. Three Minstry, SST senators, 11 deputati, 47 Marv I 21 Manager of the reigning companies. Right against usih CIR antikorupcinio people Directorate Rumen spremuta vzhe to the court. And as Laura Comes otpravila play for the President’s brother, that priznaju . on Posada. Zavdyaki robot Directorate Romania for ostan two rocky panelsa 12 positions in the ranking of Transparency International Spinetta corupt – W 69 57 meeting place.
Oponente numeralia rozdobud Hoch of ACIS dirt on Coves. Zvynuvachuiemo I have plagat Doktorska Desertec. Special Comsa zrobila perevirka – not Bulo plagiarism. Next Newton Porozovo I on the phone. Specagenty private detektivnoï Fri namagoose, sumati , why. H shapely I saaristomeri. Coves postijno zvinavashe have vibrohvost Ref I prologomenon illegal. S Tim himself at once stiches I NABOO.
If it turns chergova article about Laura Codruta Coves, Ukrainian koristuvach of simeri write – us bi such fahra in Ukraine. Ale Coves not smogla b Buti efficient we have. After rumunski court patrimo antikorupcinio prokuroru have in guide I VDPVs coropceanu for grati. And we have a great spodvig on the robot sudv not got. Patran antikorupcinio court. I not only for dwellers sadati coropceanu, ale I to, dwellers vipravlajat nevinovata.
On vdmo from Roman, Ukrainian anticoruptie General description pocha stimulate vysokopreosv not in 10 years after stvorennja, and purshia same year of work. Cesnik sudv TSE desagana vaiko bude oceniti. If rumunski Uryadov sprobuvav POM akriti retribution for SAUJANA coropceanu on vulitsi visli sotn of thousands of people. Uryadov of wymuszenie CCB vdovets from anst gabarnica. Today antikorupcinio National Directorate patriat 60% of the population. Parliament W dovrat lachey 11% gromadyan Roman.
Patrika suspilstva, borotba s korupci – TSE best Zahist od whether yakih pogroz. Nkoli required not only all kritikovati and something Patrimoine. I antikorupcine borotba – TSE of apagani choice.


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