World games 2017: Ukraine won its first medal in underwater swimming

Anastasia Antoniak


Sports news:the First day of the World games have brought to our country two bronze medals.

In Wroclaw, Poland launched world of X Games – the biggest competition in the non-Olympic sports, held every four years. This forum involved more than 3 500 athletes from 111 countries.

The national team of Ukraine is represented by 80 athletes who apply for awards in 20 sports. The first day our athletes won two medals – bronze in scuba diving.

The first winner of the coin was Catherine’s Business, which won the bronze medal in diving at 50 meters. 34-year-old athlete from Kharkiv overcame the distance in 16.46 seconds.

Gold with a score of 16.02 was won by Korean Jang Ye Sol. The silver went to another representative of Korea – Kim Geyn, which showed the result of 16.40 .

The second medal at the World Games for the national team was won by Anastasia antoniak, who came third in the competitions in underwater sports in the discipline 200 meters with fins. Our athlete showed the time 1 minute 28.76 seconds. The best result of two team – Valeria Baranovskaya and Catherine Mikhailushkin, who had won respectively gold and silver.

Was close to the medals, the champion of the World games 2013 bowling women among Ukrainian Daria Kovaleva, but in the bronze final, she lost to Colombian Clara Guerrero, finishing in fourth place.

In artistic gymnastics Viktoria Mazur became the seventh in the finals of the exercises with a Hoop and sixth in the final exercise with the ball.

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