Women’s team of Ukraine in Boxing solemnly returned home from the 2018 world Cup

Women’s team of Ukraine in Boxing solemnly returned home from the 2018 world Cup See photo (5)
20:29 Today, Telegraph Sport Telegraph sport news: Boxing women’s national team of Ukraine returned home.

In Ukraine, the flight Delhi-Kiev, returned to the national women’s Boxing team. In India, our team participated in the world Cup. By results of performances at world Championships, our girls won two silver awards. They won the Anna HUNT (weight category 48 kg) and Maria BOVA (weight category 64 kg).

Was pleased with the performances of the national team of Ukraine head coach of our team Serhiy Gordienko, who noted that awards for the national team of Ukraine could be more.

“Of course, I really wanted to return to Ukraine at least one gold award. However, two of silver is also a very good result, – said Sergey Gordienko. – Without exception, all the girls showed a very good level of Boxing. It was evident that all were given . Which summed up the injury, where girls are psychologically lost. However, again, it showed itself in a positive way. The important thing is that we now have a lot of material for processing. Subsequently carry out all together the analysis of mistakes and will work on getting it fixed. Now the girls will have the opportunity to relax. I want to note that in India we spent a grueling three weeks. And generally preparing for the world championship was difficult. Therefore, it is important for all of us to recover and to move forward.”

Newly minted Vice-world champion in the Flyweight division Anna Hunt thanked everyone for their support. Anna noted that despite the fact that were set only for gold, but the silver medal also referred to the asset.

“In preparation for the world Cup were passed a remarkably large-scale and difficult path. Emotions right now are overwhelming, tears of joy in his eyes. In “Borispol” we came to meet relatives, family, friends … Very nice to see everyone and I want everyone to pay attention, – said the silver medalist of the world championship Anna Hunt. – It’s nice that all the time and all the power that I gave to the preparations for the world Cup culminated in a expected silver medal. I also want to mention our entire team. All the girls wanted to win and gave all of himself in the ring. And all the support from the girls was very noticeable. As for me, total success for our team is quite good. However, frankly say that the gold color suits me much more. It is a pity that not managed to climb the highest step of the podium”.

In turn, the silver medalist of the world championship 2018 Maria Bova noted that a foot injury prevented her at a high level to fight in the finals.

“It’s a shame to say it, but one of the key circumstances that prevented me even better to play at the world Cup, was the injury I received in the quarterfinal match. It is a pity that not managed to achieve six a long time. However, the overall result I am fully satisfied, – said Maria Bova. – Now I really want to hug my kids, family and friends. Missed you all this time for their babies. Be sure when coming home will wear this medal with them. After all, my family inspired me to move forward and work hard. Very nice to finish the year with such a significant achievement. We have a holiday, and since new year will start with a clean sheet. Thanks to the staff of the Ministry and, of course, the Boxing Federation of Ukraine headed by Vladimir Prodivus and does Shantsevym for the support of our team.”

Noted the importance of awards and the Executive Director of Federation of Boxing of Ukraine. Donatas Piskun assured that the leadership of the FBU was completely satisfied with the final result of the performances of the women’s team of Ukraine at the world Cup.

“This is certainly a remarkable result. The management of Federation of Boxing of Ukraine is fully satisfied with the results of the performance of the female national team of Ukraine on world championship in India. The last time our team was represented in the world Cup finals in the far 2012, and this year we got two finalists of the competition. This means only one thing – women’s Boxing in Ukraine is developing, – said Donatas Piskun. – Without exception, all the girls showed a powerful and meaningful Boxing. I am confident that our girls will be capable of in the next world championship to take revenge and to get even more medals. I want to thank Vladimir Prodivus, Dmitry Shentsev, Vladislav manger and Anatoly Matios for their support in the development of Ukrainian Boxing. Thanks to these people we are actively promoting and developing Boxing and all sports in our state. And of course I’m thankful to the coaching staff of the national team of Ukraine headed by Sergey Gordienko, personal trainers, and also scientific and medical staff for the excellent preparation of the Ukrainian team for the world Cup”.

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