Without losses and injuries: showed how met nathwani from the war

Photo: photo courtesy of the press service In/h 3008

About a hundred smiling, happy national guardsmen under the orchestra returned to the rotation in the winery in his military unit 3008.

Three months they were in the combat zone in Donetsk region. Them alive and undamaged, beloved ones

For a soldier, Andrew is already the third rotation. Today men meets family is his main support. The son knows the father he hero.

“Painted for the Pope, a very beautiful picture: father, mother and me. The figure waiting for him at home. I really miss him, he is the best father in the world,” says the son of Nikita.

“It was very difficult to constantly support is not enough and worried him. Also it lacks our support. Of course you want to quickly ended this war, and all the warriors returned alive, healthy and unharmed to their families, ” shares his experiences serviceman’s wife Elena Boyko.

His heroine in the ranks looks two sons and husband. The mother of the boys not seen for three months. In the area of the OOS medical Marina Mudrik saved the soldiers life. In natsgvardia this is the first rotation. Family, not fighting back tears, rushed into the arms of the mother.

“We are hard and sad without a mother, but he knew that she must fulfill his duty. We are proud that we have such a strong, brave mom ” – are recognized as the children of Marina.

“Thank you to every serviceman for the faithful and exemplary performance of duty in the East of our country. Most importantly, our unit has not suffered any losses and injuries, and honorably fulfilled the tasks”, – said the acting commander of the military unit 3008 Lieutenant Colonel Dmitry Semak.

For courage and heroism during combat missions more than fifty guards were awarded with diplomas and commendations.

Family national guardsmen will spend two weeks. Then again back on duty.

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The servicemen of military unit No. 3008 went on patrol around the city of Vinnitsa.

Earlier, the guards carried the service together with the police. For a prompt response also will run and the guards avtopatruli. The military in full gear, go with a service weapon and tablets.


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