With the MacBook Air 2018 having problems: what is the reason

No sooner had the company Apple to post a message about the return of the series of MacBook Pro laptops due to risk of fire, as in the network appeared information about yet another “unreliable” products. This time problems arose with the MacBook Air.

As reported by Patently Apple, the “risk” this time put 13-inch MacBook Air the 2018 model year.

What’s wrong with laptops? According to available information, the selected device lineup has been released with defects of the motherboard. As reported by network sources, it is a “very small number” of laptops.

It is noteworthy that the company website was not published the relevant application, probably due to a small number of “affected” customers. Unknown and the exact cause of the recall of the product.


In the web you can find mention of problems with food and reviews of owners of the specified line that their MacBook Air just won’t turn on when you purchase.

How Apple solve the problem? Buyers of problematic vehicles will be notified of the need to visit an authorized service or corporate store Apple for free warranty repair.

Anyone who has faced a similar problem, Apple will offer free repairs for four years from the date of purchase of the laptop.

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