With student’s day 2018: congratulations in verse and prose

Young, energetic and smart students. On 17 November Ukraine celebrates the international day of students. 24 channel will tell you how you should greet of youth and lust for life this year.

At all times and in all countries the student was and remains an active force that moves society forward. Celebrate Day of the student as actively and madly – annually on 17 November, held many parties and home concerts.

Today almost every Ukrainian in the family or among friends there is the student, and to congratulate him want to lift his spirits and set for the next academic year. But if you are too busy but want to congratulate a friend, we have gathered for you the most vivid congratulations student!

Congratulations student: prose

Dear students!

There is in life is particularly crazy and interesting time, the time of students, when opened brilliant prospects, entice new acquaintances. Let each of you plenty to enjoy and a “freebie” test, and fun student parties. With student’s Day, dear explorers of the peaks of science!


How often do we laugh at jokes about students: poor and often hungry, sometimes drunk, but always resourceful, smart and funny. I wish you resourceful to answer tricky questions of the teachers, with a mind to skip classes and have fun to celebrate today’s holiday.


Dear students!

Probably the most exciting and meaningful times in a person’s life is the College years, the years of achievements, loves, longings and disappointments. Every day brings something new, unusual, fresh perception. And it does not matter even if not a student at all, the main inside not to lose the thread that connects the United in the fraternity. Congratulations to all the students: past, present and future, and wish to spend the day so, to have something to remember all year, and better — life!

Congratulations on the day of the student in the verses

Hto not CCB student

Tom doesn’t understand:

Yak wants STI,

Yak wants Petey.


S day student, best friend!

May nycrama ti friends!

Mercedes sobi cigarette,

I on the clubs photosite.

CLI Svit Tobi vgcreate —

Can become the they-let..!

All saleit lachey from you

Smut — scitica required!


S day student I vitayu,

The first axis chogo Tobi Bajan:

Well life,

Problems not of the nobility,

I easily SIS, savati!

Life high LTSA over the edge,

Not smutku bude, bude Paradise!


Today the Holy Day of the student!

I I want today to pomagati:

Dwellers SES knoles Happendon,

Iz POSCO mg TSE all skadate!


Vitayu quiet, hto zdorova “very” —

From you saleite of mybutt.

Nehaj bude msnim grant science

I swetlik in the minds of premnotes knowledge.

Pictures from the day of the student

Pictures – simple and nice way to show someone that you remember about him, and to lighten the mood. On the Internet there are many creative and fun greetings-illustrations that will appeal to you and your family. Moreover, you can make this illustration their own. Write a congratulation on Day of the student’s own words and a picture to create using the online editor or social networking, the main thing – do not lose enthusiasm and do everything with pleasure!

Congratulations on the Day of the student 2018

With student’s Day!

Congratulations on the Day of the student in pictures

International student’s Day!

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