With fatty liver is useful cabbage

– Here are just accustomed to living with diabetes and now liver problems added. Well, that time has thought suddenly, – says Olga Nightingale, 55 years old, from the town of Buryn ‘ in Sumy region. – Could not think of what’s wrong with me. Had nausea and bitterness. The daughter dared to go to the physician, who immediately sent for an ultrasound. Wrote in the card: the beginning of fatty liver.

The woman prescribed drugs for the normalization of metabolism, protection and repair of cells.

– Fatty liver, or steatosis, is the most common disease of the organ, – says Vadim Shipulin, 52 years, head of the Department of internal medicine №1 of National medical University named after O. O. Bogomolets. – Often occurs in diabetes type II diabetes, elevated cholesterol and excess weight. In the beginning of the disease the only symptom is weakness, pain in the right hypochondrium and high blood pressure.

Patients with suspected steatosis assign biochemical analysis of blood. The disease provokes an increase in glucose, cholesterol and proteins responsible for the metabolism.

– Change the size of the liver can be diagnosed using elastography. This method is similar to ultrasound, but gives a more accurate result. Shows the General condition of the body sections. The number of cells that have accumulated a lot of fat. Previously, an accurate method was biopsy.

Common alcoholic fatty liver disease. Brings to cirrhosis. The body is covered by connective tissue and ceases to work.

– You can only drink 200 millilitres of beer a day. We have also decided to drink a liter bottle, the liter glasses. This load the liver can’t handle it. I had a 25-year-old patient, a lover of beer, whose advice led mother. I explained to the guy what threatens the growth of connective tissue. So he took himself in hand and stopped drinking. Two years have passed, the condition of the liver improved. But alcohol had to completely give up.

Allowed fish, dairy products, nuts, vegetables, especially cabbage. Herbal and berry teas from hips, mountain ash or nettles.

– Diseased liver is difficult to digest fatty foods. Also avoid chips and crackers, dishes with baked cheese. Harmful milk, margarine, and mayonnaise.


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