“Winterfell is yours, your grace” showed that the new stage of the finale of “Game of thrones”

American TV channel HBO has released a new promotional video, in which he collected the fragments of all the new seasons of the series, which will appear in 2019. Among them – the long-awaited 8th season of the fantasy series “Game of thrones”.

If the creators of the film could please the fans with a mysterious teaser and a few photos from the set, January 6, fans of the series saw the first scene, which is already possible to make different theories.

In addition to Scriptures new seasons of the TV series “Big little lies”, “Watchmen”, “Euphoria” and others, in footage from “Game of thrones” you can see how Jon snow took his new beloved daenerys Targaryen, mother of Dragons, to their native land in Winterfell. There they were met by his sister Sansa stark, with obvious irony, shook hands with the representative of house Targaryen: “Winterfell is yours, your grace.”

What is revealed in the new stage of the “Game of thrones” season 8 online (38 seconds):

What awaits in the latest season of “Game of thrones” can only guess, but for now we offer you to look at the first teaser the final season of the first series which will premiere in April 2019.

Watch the teaser for “Game of thrones” season 8 online:

What “Game of thrones”?Fantasy series based on the series of novels “a Song of ice and fire” HBO. Though the author of the series George Martin started writing the first novel in 1991, the series was released only 20 years later – in 2011. However, the events of the Saga has already overtaken the storyline, which is described in the books. Therefore, the sixth, seventh and eighth (final) seasons of the series are based on the drafts of books that have not yet appeared on the shelves of bookstores.

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