Winners announced “person of the year 2018”

This year the award ceremony “person of the year” will be held at the National Opera of Ukraine. Photo: YouTube

The Council of national program “person of the year” was awarded to actress Ada Rogovtseva Special prize “For high lifestyle” for 2018.
It will be awarded at a ceremony March 23 at the National Opera of Ukraine.

“Will be awarded to award our famous compatriot Mikhail Voronin, Ukrainian fashion designer and well-known humanist, an outstanding Ukrainian actress of Ukraine Ada Rogovtseva. This is a very fair choice, ” says Arkady ricin, the CEO of the program.

In addition, a special prize “For loyalty to humanistic ideas and the enhancement of human values” will be given to the Professor and transplant surgeon Alexander Nikonenko.

For outstanding contribution to the development of culture and art of Ukraine will award the Belarusian Anatoly Yarmolenko, Director of the ensemble “Syabry”. International award in the field of culture and art will get people’s artist of Kazakhstan Roza Rymbaeva.

Plenipotentiary Ambassador of the Republic of Austria in Ukraine, Hermine Poppeller will receive the award in the field of diplomacy, but the award “For significant contribution in development of partnership of friendly and economic relations with Ukraine” was awarded the UAE Ambassador in Ukraine, Salem Ahmed al-Kaaba.

“Regional leader of year” can become the head of the Poltava, Ivano-Frankivsk and Odessa regional state administrations. And “mayor of the year” – the Head of Mukachevo, Nizhyn and intercession.

The award for “Television journalist of the year” can obtain leading information-analytical program of the TV channel “Ukraine” Olga Kuleshova, host of the talk show “Mykola Veresen and Svetlana Orel” to “Direct” Svetlana Orel and host of “Prime time” on channel “112 Ukraine” Vladimir floor.

“Athletes of the year” – the Olympic champion on freestyle 2018 Alexander Abramenko, world Champion in judo Daria Bilodid, as well as the absolute world champion on Boxing in heavy weight Alexander Usik.

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Award “Person of the year” 1995. Laureates of the program is determined by the expert survey, the final decision of the Higher Academic Council of the program.
Over the years the owners of the honorary title “person of the year” were 411 winners in the national categories and 119 winners of international and special awards program.


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