Why Vladimir Klitschko refused to return to Boxing


Wladimir Klitschko, 42, the former dominant perennial world champion in a super heavyweight, have denied another wave of rumors about his return to Boxing. April 13 at the stadium “Wembley” in London, UK, Ukrainian was supposed to meet with the top local boxer, 30-year-old Lillian white.

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The information seemed plausible, realistic and fit into some previous information releases. In particular, in December last year, the influential British promoter Eddie Hearn seriously intrigued the Boxing world.

– Wladimir Klitschko wants to return to Boxing, ‘ said the promoter. I think he has written Joshua (world champion in three versions, the previous rival of Klitschko Gazeta.ua) something in the spirit: “I Want to go back, I feel I can beat anyone in our division.”

Though then he saw Klitschko as one of the possible contenders Joshua. To fight 13 APR 2019.

15 Jan tweeted Wladimir Klitschko stopped all conversations.

– I’m no stranger to challenges in life, and I really feel still full of energy – he responded to it. – Recently many people have contacted me, wanting to see my return to Boxing in April, and I’m grateful for that. However, I would call such speculation early April fool’s joke.

Call four reasons why Vladimir will not be back in the ring in April.

The return must give Vladimir a incredible motivation and obsession

– Don’t come “correct” time. Klitschko believes that is not formed all the necessary preconditions for return. This can be a confusing situation in division, the existence in fact of the three leaders. One or two victories can do nothing to change and not to add bonuses to his Boxing legacy. The return must give him incredible motivation and obsession. As, for example, already voiced the idea of climbing the record of George foreman and desire to become the oldest ever world heavyweight champion. The American won the title at 45. Vladimir in March will be 43.

A night of Boxing on April 13 at the “Wembley” is planned, but Joshua is seriously considering US for the venue of my next fight. So Herno need an adequate replacement. And returning Klitschko in a fight with a popular local fighter Gilliana white it is to come. But Vladimir for a championship, accustomed himself to dictate the terms of rivals, therefore, refused to become a substitute for Joshua plans’hearn.

– Dillian white elite fighter, but he’s not yet a champion. Victory over them is less important than Joshua, the world champion under versions of the world Boxing Council, American DevTeam Wilder and former world champion, Briton Tyson fury. But the fight with the white no less dangerous. And if you lose the first veteran, few will blame the failure of the white might stain its reputation.

– Wladimir Klitschko lives a full, rich, multifaceted life “after Boxing”. He lectures worldwide, has certified the course in a Swiss University, writes books, manages the Fund “Klitschko Foundation”. He was able to “switch” and simply no longer wishes to return to Boxing. Despite the fact that he continues to train regularly, spar and supports the excellent physical form.

Ukrainian boxer Vladimir Klitschko went into the ring with 29 April 2017, when he lost by TKO in the 11th round of the British Anthony Joshua.


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