Why Veres received a certificate of the Premier League in season 2017/18

“Veres” (Rivne)


Sports Arena

President Rivne “Veres” Alex Hahli told about the circumstances under which the club received a certificate for participation in the Premier League 2017/18.

“The first package, which had been prepared, did not satisfy the certification Committee, and we received refusal in obtaining of the certificate . Then modified and improved it, then provided a new package for consideration. I think today at the General meeting will be given the conclusion of the appellate Committee”, — quotes the words of Alexei Holeva Erve.ua.

Functionary Heather also noted that participation in the Premier League next season will depend on the outcome of the season in the First League, and the presence of certificates. Recall that unlike Romantsev, gums such right from FFU to take 2nd place in First League.

“Any team has a chance to get into the Premier League, but it depends on points and the availability of the certificate. These two criteria only work together, if not one of them, the team should not be allowed to participate in the championship of Ukraine. That is, the Gums, Helios or Illichivets: I don’t know, since in the public domain this information is not available”.

Finally, told Hahli and where the team plans to hold home games. Now Veres considering two stadium Arena-Lviv and Lutsk vanguard, which was the home stadium of Volyn.

“Two stadiums which we have filed as options for the home games of the Veres is the arena Lviv and Lutsk avant-garde. We will be more comfortable to get to Lutsk, while in Rivne will be the reconstruction of the stadium”.

Yesterday it was reported that the gums will appeal the decision of the FFU about the non-issuance of the certificate they are earning. And today, the police detained two buses of fans Chernihiv teams that were on their way from Chernihiv to Kyiv to the House of football.

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