Why Ukrainians joined the German division: the story of 94-year-old SS

Author: Valeriy Shmakov

Vladimir Klos in the division “Galicia” were involved in the fighting with the Soviet army

In the SS division “Galicia” 1943 volunteered 85 thousand. To join the division and war years, the magazine “Kraina” 94-year-old participant Mr Klos. He lives in the city of Gorodok of Lviv region 2006. To 45 years lived in the United States.

“The Germans have promised nothing. They hated us, and we them. Had the desire to fight on the Eastern front, we had a need for arms and training. Knew that at the right moment turn our weapon in the struggle for Ukraine. But they didn’t have enough people in the army. Already then it was known that the Germans lose the war. We were waiting for the right moment to fight for Ukraine,” says.

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September 1 was in a training camp in Heidelager, near the Polish city of Debica.

“We were drilled for three months. Taught with shouting and insults, the Germans too. This method is similar to the real American. A senior can scream and command, but to touch the soldier has no right,” says Mr Clough.


Vladimir Klos on military training at the age of 16 years

About the war I read in the Newspapers. On 7 September 1939 the cows and noticed in the sky, the five planes. Dropped four bombs. As the aircraft flew away, I went back to cows. Our goal was, and a neighbor were killed. Even killed several people.


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