Why the mirror in the Elevator and how it got there

It is hard to imagine modern skyscrapers, shopping centers or conventional residential high-rises without elevators.

Passengers usually spend in the lift very little time, then why in almost every cabin set mirror?

As the mirrors appeared in the Elevator? As writes the popular social service Quora, at the beginning of the industrial age in one of the first multi-storey malls have a bad situation – the passengers of the Elevator began to complain that it is very slow.

The company owner of the lifts admitted that for technical reasons can not do anything with the speed of movement of the cab.

The solution to this problem came from the other side. The attention of passengers who are irritated because of the slow movement of the lift, decided to focus on something else.


That people thoughtlessly not considered walls or floors when using a lift, appeared the idea to install a mirror inside.

The survey, which conducted then showed that the passengers who saw themselves in the mirror of the Elevator, replied that he was moving faster than when I rode in the Elevator with no mirrors. Although both the cabin was rising with the same speed.

Health benefits

Mirrors in elevators help people suffering from claustrophobia (fear of confined space). They visually increase the space and reduce the anxiety that you are trapped in tight quarters.

Elevators with mirrors also add a sense of security because you can without any extra movements to see what you are doing it for other people.

Although, perhaps, many people think that the mirrors in the elevators were invented specifically in order to make them a selfie:)

Many people like to do selfies in the mirror of the Elevator / / Instagram

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