Why Russia does not withdraw troops from the Donbass in 2018: explanation Grymchaka

In 2018 there was a high chance that Russia will leave the temporarily occupied territories of Donbass. However, their implementation was prevented by Pro-Russian presidential candidates who promised to negotiate with the aggressor.

At the end of 2018, there were objective indications that Russia may withdraw its troops from Eastern Ukraine, said the Deputy Minister of the temporarily occupied territories and internally displaced persons Yury Grimchak in an interview, “people’s truth”.

In particular, there was information that the Russian invaders began to withdraw from the combat zone especially valuable equipment, which in Russia is produced not so much. In addition, in September 2018, the funding of the occupied territories of Donetsk and Lugansk regions was to cease.

Why has this not happened? Just turn on the TV to see how many people we have for peace at any price. From what you can say, relatively speaking, ran negotiators from our candidates, shouting that we will come to power and decide everything. And so it all stopped, unfortunately
– said Grymchak.

In confirmation of his words, the official recalled that the Commission in the format Walker-Surkov rather actively began to develop a plan for the introduction of peacekeepers to the Donbass. The parties exchanged their visions, and were able to agree on some points of the plan. However, at some point in autumn 2018, everything stopped.

In addition, we cannot exclude that Russia will try to attack the Ukraine. She pulled to the border of more than 80 thousand troops, about a thousand tanks, five hundred aircraft and 300 helicopters. They functionally differ from those that were there in 2014.

5 years ago the border was an army group of the Russian Federation, which remained there after the exercise. Today division, who are on the border, have two tank regiments instead of one. So this actually characterizes such passages as the percussion.

But we must understand that Ukraine is quite different, not 2014. Our military had effectively used anti-tank missiles, and let me tell you, the commander might even get a reprimand, if not will provide a timely response to attacks on its employees. Although, from the point of view of Russians, they can try to attack in the event of any internal problems of Ukraine. I think in our situation this option can not be excluded,
– he concluded.

How Russia could attack Ukraine: map

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