Why Putin protects Russian elite

Why Putin protects Russian elite and are not satisfied with mass purges?The main reproach imposed on Putin is that he does not shake up degrading the elite. Comprador officials continue in their seats to fill their pockets. What hinders Putin’s radical purges of the elite?…


Russia is to create its elite. And it will be based on family. No other

Author – Alexander Khaldey

The main reproach imposed on Putin by the opposition is that it does not shake up degrading the elite. Appear accusations of stagnation and low quality of administrative and business elite, and the problem of its formation is the most pressing facing Russia. That is all Russia’s other problems – financial, economic, scientific, technological, military, cultural, demographic and others – are derived from the quality problems of the Russian elite, what is called the “quality of the ruling class.”

I must say that uhthe problem is not so much quality control as the quality control.

Ribs and reference points of Russian statehood

Let’s see where in the power structure of Russia are the key points, the impact of which destroys the frame and tilt system .

Twice in the twentieth century in Russia collapsed statehood, and three times was carried out the coup d’etat: once, when Khrushchev destroyed the Stalin, without collapse of the state. But the crack led to its collapse 40 years later the government collapsed. All this clearly shows screaming quality problem of the national elite and disrepair of the existing mechanisms of its formation: in Russia for centuries, and everything hangs in the first person, and when it makes mistakes or does not possess the necessary qualities, then immediately there is a crisis of statehood, often giving rise to the death of the existing state.

That is why all the attempts of the West to destroy the existing Russian-focused entirely on Putin personally. In a situation when the process of the present elitoobrazovaniya in the country is just beginning to unfold, the removal of Putin from the architecture of power will inevitably lead to stop cleaning and elite war elite groups, which could lead to the disintegration of the state. Elite not ready yet consolidated to nominate a successor who will protect their interests in such a way that it enhanced the capacity of the state, not destroy them. All subsequent 6 years, that’s what Putin is busy.

The former elite (in the 90s) is based the defense of their interests in the destruction of the state and its key functions. This policy has shown its fallacy. Started turning. The elite is split, their power has gone to reinforce the capacity of States to protect their class interests. Other so-called liberal part, continued comprador course, and it puts the process of renovation of the elites in a transitional position.

The rotation of elites is a pulse point, without campaigning, is able to paralyze the work of public institutions. Some short historical period of time the authorities will act hostile to two conceptual groups composed of subgroups, in General, dividing one or the other position.

In Russia, two misfortunes, and the one in the absence of the real ruling class

The ruling class in Russia was never able to consider their long-term interests and selfish problems by sabotage. Thinking of the outlaw prevailed over the thinking of the policy. The king was betrayed by his elite, destroying the state and all the basics of his existence that suggests that in Russia the problem of the quality of the ruling class was very advanced. Stalin also betrayed by its elite, which suggests that the Communist project did not give a reliable mechanism for building a high quality elite.

The Communist party had a system of selection and placement of personnel, planning and ability to create the reserve, but the party as a whole was missing the original ideology and degenerated into the upper echelons of power. The party hard crew discipline did not allow the mass of the party to control its top, and the unit dominated the party, which was the core of the political system. This has led to the fact that managed Gorbachev of the Communist party itself voted for its dissolution.

Growing up in the bowels of the Communist party of the new administrative elite was composed entirely of compradors, and to get into her group, defending the objectives of national sovereignty, albeit on a capitalist basis, was very difficult. The struggle of two rival groups – the group of betrayal and group sovereignty, to put the President in the position of mediator between them, unable to change the principles of the existing political system. Goal setting and strategy is not the function of the President of Russia, and the ruling class, forming such purposes, and has diametrically opposed interests.

To shake up this elite means not to increase it, and weaken. In Russia for centuries was three times interrupted the succession of elites and thereby violated the mechanism of their quality of reproduction. The value of the ruling class for the country cannot be overemphasized. Before the eyes of all the example of the United States, where the ruling class has repeatedly allowed the President to change the policy of the state that this class was considered the most appropriate for the national interests.

It is national, because to protect their class interests can only be handed across the nation and with the nation that shares these interests and sees them as a benefit. If the entire population of America has not been beneficial to the global dominance of the American ruling class, no political ambitions of the United States would not take place. This is the essence of domination of the ruling class – his goal is shared by the majority of the nation.

In Russia, this class was not and has not developed to this day. And in Imperial and Soviet and liberal-democratic times in Russia continues the court-Favoritka form of government. That the kings, the autocrats, the Communists-the Secretary General that the Democrats-the President is the figure head of state decides everything, and the gray Institute the cardinals and favorites influencers is crucial. Getting into this small group of “Politburo 2.0” as it is now called by some scientists, is the main goal of the political activities of all members of the elite and decapitation groups.

It is clear that this system of government is the best nutrient medium for the organization of all sorts of conspiracies and coups. This system is vulnerable and defective. But to change her incessant personnel shake-up is impossible. An elite is not formed and will not be able to form, and eventually will rule the permanent temporary worker with the instinct of “day night stand but will hold out” and “After us the deluge.”

Realizing this, Putin gives the opportunity to develop elite resistant and without the instinct of a powerful. The one in the end, the shelter will be in Russia and not in London, Miami or in Zurich. To do this, it gives her the opportunity to recover from all childhood diseases growth. Elite ripening, develops into a hereditary. Everywhere stable and high-quality are only a hereditary elite.

For it fought even in the leadership of the Communist party. Banishing itself from the comprador elements, the elite is self-cleaning and learning to protect their goals, appealing to the national interest. At the moment there is a very active rotation of the middle of the governors, and had already started cleaning some of the Republican authorities, the threads of corruption which go to the Center. Then begin a careful weeding in the Center. A change of Ministers will happen naturally after the election. That is, very carefully is in the process of rotation of elites, and its objective is a qualitative upgrade.

The will of the leader and the will of the class

It is not the will of Putin. This is a public social order that coincides with the will of that segment of the ruling class, which is unacceptable for the continuation of theft in exchange for loyalty to the Center and export stolen in a foreign jurisdiction.

Yes, it is not possible to solve the problem of offshore aristocracy been a decades – already under Brezhnev, the main dream of any advanced citizen, servant to the Secretary General, was to gain money and to escape to the West, having healed there life European bourgeoisie. Ukraine all raves about this dream, Russia this two-thirds had been ill, but one-third while it, too, is sick. The healing process goes quickly, but it is far from complete. And there is nothing more dangerous to the maturation of high-quality elite and its Foundation for years to come in the form of inherited social status than the constant stirring of the administrative staff. If you do so, all will go to sabotage and end the next plot.

Why Putin protects the elite

In difficult times, the bloodletting of the boyars increase the popularity of the Prince of the people. Despite the fact that the nation to the elite is very aggressive, Putin avoids populism and does not show the elite of the relation which was characteristic of Stalin or Yeltsin. Indicative flogging of Ministers to gain credibility among the masses Putin abhorrent. There are no “squiggles” in relation to the elites is not practiced. Repressions are chiseled and systemic nature. No alarm in the ruling class, they do not cause, because there is understanding of the acceptable framework and rules of conduct. This is the ribs of Putin’s system of governance.

Perhaps that is Putin’s solicitous attitude towards their elites very defective and was the cause of the failure of all attempts of the orange revolution. Coups get stuck in the elites, like a bullet in the pillow. Elite is not consolidated against Putin and see an alternative in maintaining its position in Russia.

Only stupid loudmouths can afford to accuse Putin that he uses the corruption to stabilize the regime in the country. Stability of government – the main purpose for which all means are good, because the alternative is the disintegration of the country and its occupation. And what would be better to start massive repression and in response to lose control, getting anarchy and civil war? As a result, the corruption will increase significantly, and the state will not – see the example of Ukraine.

There’s already overcome corruption by the Maidan. Now Ukraine is no more. And before that, in 1991, we also fought with the party privileges – and the USSR was no more. But that’s the corruption still will not go away. And in spite of this, a huge number of impatient suckers just itching to repeat this fatal number for an encore in today’s Russia. Zamaydanit so grown-up, to smash everything to splinters. So there are those who then chips the enemy to sell run! And no matter how to persuade, still there are those who have a dream to cure a headache solely by the guillotine.

First, there is nothing that weakens the power as too active fight against corruption, which corrupt elites konsolidiruyutsya and block all attempts of the President to govern the country and carry out the changes. Secondly another 4 thousand years ago Tzu and sun Tzu demanded to apply absolutely everything the means to achieve political goals, not only morally justified.

Policy is only morally justified what is the goal of strengthening the state. And if this requires violence and corruption, it will definitely go – if it is not possible now anyway to solve the problem of centralization and consolidation of governance in the state and prevent its collapse. Even the person doing the injection of the virus to develop immunity. Politics especially can not look to moral considerations.

What is moral in society, immoral in politics. Then it is necessary to close all the intelligence, police and army as immoral organizations. If at the moment to save the state can only surrender (see Brest-Litovsk) – go for it, to gain time and then to put everything in its place. Sacrificing less, save more – while there are no forces for a decisive offensive. To harvest the wheat from the chaff is not separated, so that tearing the weeds, not pull out the wheat, not to destroy healthy ears. Foolish and impatient – he loses everything.

Elites decide everything or the thesis of democracy

As our elite while sick many diseases, they are unable to reverse the negative processes in the economy and create a population with acceptable living conditions. Five trillion dollars according to expert estimates, taken out for 30 years abroad. This money would be enough to transform Russia with the most powerful and independent country, if it didn’t have such rotten elites. It is understood by those elite groups who have decided to build our future here. Their primary objective is the overlapping of ways of outflow of resources managed in the country. And they will stubbornly and consistently pursue that goal, not paying attention to failures at the initial stage.

The main task of Russia is to build its own financial system. Without this, do not pull out the production run flywheel development. But for this task you need to build your own system of generation of the national elite. She needs to find a financial solution which will make the development of irreversible. Without such an elite there will be nothing. If Stalin was the slogan “Cadres decide everything”, then under Putin, the most accurate slogan would be “the Elites decide everything.”

Populists and social demagogues of the left and intertidal fraction will be very unhappy, they will argue and insist on the decisive role of the masses. So for 200 years it is fashionable to speak, and this all used. It was a good tone and a pass in the public field. To argue otherwise – then look marginal, obscurantist and reactionary. A reactionary and an enemy of the people. Not repeating the dogmas of liberalism, you immediately fall out of the discourse. You just don’t talk. This is totalitarian liberalism. You or a liberal, or you don’t. And even to refute the liberalism you are required from the standpoint of the theses of liberalism. It is because liberalism leaves us undefeated.

But all history shows that the masses are blind instrument of the elites in those games, which the masses do not understand. The lies of liberal democracy is the requirement to flatter the masses and thereby to deceive them. Speaking to the masses about their main historical role, the liberals manipulated.

The masses see only slogans and do not understand behind them goals, becoming victims of “sweet deception» as Lenin said. History of socialism in the USSR showed that the theory of democracy turned into a sweet deception. There is no democracy under the Soviet regime it was not in sight – otherwise would not have happened the collapse of the USSR and privatization according to Chubais. The government has always been only of the party apparatus. Property, and the state disposed of only him. People solely approved and more than anything else showed his power.

All power and all decisions were only the elite. Not the people, but the elite decides to be or not to be a people and its state. How many people would have no objection, will be as decided by the elite. February and October 1917 and Bialowieza conspiracy of December 1991 are examples. Elite dissolved the Empire and changed the basis of life of masses of people – and they do not even understand what is happening. People are not able to organized conscious act – otherwise there would be the elite minority capable.

As another example, the well-known historical precedents, when the chiefs were devastating, and the absence of the ruling class could not prevent the national damage – up to a national catastrophe.

1. The lack of quality, like the British, the ruling class in Germany, allowed to drag the country into the First world war against their deep national interests. The result was the destruction of the state.

2. Fell under external control, Germany began the Second world war and as a result completely came under the control of the United States.

Neither in the first nor in the second case, to stop Wilhelm, and Hitler was none.

3. Stalin is now often taken as an example as an example of the state of thinking and management.

But Stalin made colossal mistakes that cost him the hostility from key groups of the Soviet ruling class. And it is not even about the persecution. It just might benefit as a mechanism of forced rotation of elites. Talking about something else.

Peretryahivaya intelligence apparatus before the war, Stalin eventually led to her very weakened condition. The failure of the “red orchestra”, the largest illegal intelligence network in Europe should the Soviet Union blindness and deafness on the eve of the war. While no repression helped to create a high-quality management personnel army – its command authorities through the rotation of elites from inadequate to adequate in the course of the war.

No experience was taken into account by Stalin, which causes amazement and confusion. When China was won by Mao, the entire Soviet spy network was at the command of Stalin delivered to him, and exploration was banned from any activity in China. In the end, Mao brutally killed all of our agents, which we gave him – and it was clear to every agent of another country is a traitor from the point of view of its leadership. Even if it is an agent of the ally. The agents ‘ positions is the main task of the intelligence of all times and peoples – was in China lost just out of the blue! Not as a result of the defeat, namely as a result of the victory!

But what is this victory which turns into defeat? What a clever Stalin did not understand, what does? Know. Then why? He believed that that buy loyalty to Mao and strengthen the Soviet position. But how to strengthen its position, behind the main issues of control, surrendering their agents to death? And there was nobody who could stop Stalin in the decision.

Intelligence is remembered and revenged when the opportunity came. Stalin was removed as a result of internal conspiracy. Neither the party nor the intelligence nor the army had not stopped the leaders of the country in their destructive act. This is the result of a lack of better ruling elite, able to control their leaders. Of the Central Committee and the Politburo of the Communist party, this elite can’t be.

The years passed, Stalin strongly debunked. But those who’ve debunked, do the same thing – remember the transfer Bakatin secrets built the American Embassy in Moscow when it passed over wiretapping of Americans. Why was this done? After all, such things are not Bakatin decides – it is only Yeltsin could solve, and not one. And then no one stopped him. Even if the elite has decided to sell the whole of the USSR and emigrate to the United States, it is clear that the drying out of the U.S. Embassy in her hand. Why she shot herself in the foot?

Again we stumble on the quality of the elite – is extremely low, and thus there is no system improvement.

Theoretically Stalin was well versed in intelligence and put it into the correct task. But in the leadership process has made such unaccountable mistakes, which in the end deprived him of the support of the intelligence community. This facilitated the process of coming to power of Khrushchev and, in the end, finally killed the Soviet Union. In Russia the mistakes of the leaders did not stopped the ruling class, even in his own behalf.

Why Gorbachev dissolved the Communist party and she agreed?

Why the Russian elite make decisions that often have to yield our national interests without compensation, and look just surrender? Such was the decision to cede part of the Barents sea of Norway in the period when Putin was President. From the same series, the decision not to support the Libya that ended in a bloody tragedy and our geopolitical losses. Putin then couldn’t prevent. But such decisions are not made alone leaders is a product of the solution of the main elite groups. Why do they decide? And why there is no one to stop? So, in the United States stopped trump?

The problem of the lack of quality of the national elite in Germany were clear: it was defeated and still occupied country. There elite formed America. But Russia was not defeated and she gave the victory as a result of betrayal by the elite for their own interests. That is the main difficulty. Elite is not able to defend their interests by relying on the resources of a powerful state, in its possession. And gives those resources to the enemy, believing that it will allow you to enter his Family. Nothing is more stupid to assume it is impossible.

The family is the basic unit… the elite?

In the world’s most powerful elites do not consist of officials, and families. Officials betray, they’re protecting someone else, defending their families and can not give – they lose. Elite business management officials in the world consists of families. In France, in Korea, in Japan and in Europe it is. So it is in England, and the United States – all successful in economic terms, countries. Even North Korea manages to avoid the treachery of the officials through nepotism succession of power. In Russia, only now made the transition to family-the hereditary principle of the formation of the elite.

The entire twentieth century nepotism in the elite of the USSR was officially eradicated, but was not able to be eradicated. The eradication of nepotism desperately and covertly resisted wrestlers nepotism. They didn’t want to lose hard-won social position. They wanted to pass their inheritance. For bullying nepotism they hated Soviet socialism at the first opportunity and did everything to destroy him.

And here’s a bit of grass through the asphalt and began to grow naturally. The family became not only the primary cell of society, but also the primary unit of the elite. Only the first generation of children of the current received property of senior officials included in the power and learns to control Russia as his only inheritance. Yes, there are hanging and “the Golden child” a bloody business ‘ 90s, they annoy not only people, but also the power, but they are not elite. Walking merchants never in Russia was not part of the caste of aristocrats, that is the best. Relatively speaking, Mara Bagdasar’yan will never be equal Sergei Ivanov, Jr., Dmitry Patrushev or Peter Fradkov. There despise her even more than the people.

Who was nothing will become everything?

The elite – caste. To get the best, not just the lucky Dodgers. Best does not mean best and morally responsible. In any case. Rockefeller era of primitive accumulation was not the most moral. But he was the best. Rothschild the same. Best means most skilled and consistent. And dexterity, and luck they, too, were needed, even crimes. But they were the best because of the scale of the individual. They managed what others could not do, being far more dangerous and violent. Al Capone killed a lot more people than the first Rockefeller, but did not become as rich and influential. He did not get into the elite. So it’s not just that.

It is not only the cynicism and severity. The elite of England, consists of drug dealers, pirates and usurers. They are criminals with hands not on the elbow–, shoulder-deep in blood. But the mind, head, grip and rapacity they were such that they excelled in the struggle for power and wealth and centuries hold the won positions. Centuries! Changing era and the formation of society, but they remain elite, which solved everything. The fate of the world was in their hands. They are not played, and they played all. And play to this day. Friendship with them and their representatives are looking for all powerful. In the inheritance they received not only power and money, but also the secret of the holding power.

Of course, inheritance is possible and squander, but in their world it is considered bad act. Elite does not allow flashing of the inheritance. It requires its preservation and multiplication. Knowing what to preserve and increase can not be there where all lose, they are looking for models of development – of course, under his control and his domination. They have enough forces all other models notch at the root together with their carriers. But their task is not limited to the persecution of the alternatives. We need a real working economic model. Therefore, it is necessary to make all things going better, not worse. This requires a special order – and it will sooner or later be installed.

Features of the national elite

Russia inherited the formation of the elite is compromised over the past 200 years of liberal / left propaganda. But the fact that the liberals have preached for us, they did not use for themselves. There is democracy – front for the plebeians. The power in the world still have families. And if Russia wants to test three times a century the state collapse because of the treachery of the bureaucratic and business elite, it will have to embark on the path of revival of the national elite nepotism and hereditary.

This will give rise to social tension and criticism of the opposition, because this inequality is a contradiction of the Constitution, but the other way of forming high-quality elite does not exist. Always the children of the leadership are more likely than the children of the workers. Officials – not the elite and never it can not be. This attendants, not God’s. Entrepreneurs are not elite. Children Potanin, Deripaska and Abramovich never elite will not. It’s the Nouveau riche and children of the Nouveau riche. Elite will be the children of those officials, who for decades was dragging Russia into the power structures and defend it in battles with the West.

There is a group of security forces, abandoned on the key sectors of industry and transport. This is more difficult, there are exceptions to this rule, but have lost the sense of reality officials were sent at the time to resign and lost posts. Passion for shubohranilisch someone failed. The way the elite was closed, although the money and left.

In General, the bigger picture is more important than for the state was the work of the parents, the better prepared their children are to inherit and maintain the position. After all, they have nowhere to run and there is to lose. Shake up the President over and over again in the attempt to improve his work is very dangerous. Not the fact that the new will be talented and intelligent. But to lose loyal supporters and remain one in a jiffy. If Putin is the fourth time in a century will open the “bombard the headquarters”, there will be no staff, no army, no country. Problems of quality of staff are resolved differently.

The experience of the mistakes of the elite leads to the necessity of understanding and overcoming the reasons for the defeat. It takes time. The aging process aspiring to the sovereignty of the national elite – a process of several generations. If constantly to interrupt him, he never will be. The elite is increasing slowly, like a tree that is cut decaying branches, supporting fresh sprouts.

This is the reason for a tolerant attitude to Putin, the current elite, whose vices Putin knows better than the society and the opposition. But we must admit that the path of repression and revolutionary updates elite shall not result in the growth of its quality and is not a guarantee of its regeneration. Consequently, the task of improving the quality of elite is in a different plane and is solved only in the process of evolution.

Evolution is nezashto, and the alternating phases of activity of the administrative elite and its smooth rotation. But always behind the admins needs to stand family. Those who bought the policy and will be able to wag your finger embezzlers and traitors, that they will be afraid of this much stronger than the shout of the President. Other real ways to preserve and enhance the state and its ruling class, alas, does not exist.




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