Why not use her phone driving a car

Traffic rules prohibit the driver while the vehicle is in motion using mobile phone, holding it in his hand.

If the phone conversation did not lead to any consequences, but this fact was recorded by the police officer, the penalty is 425 UAH. If these actions forced other road users to change speed, direction or to take other security measures, the fine is 680 UAH or deprivation of the right of management by vehicles for the term from six months to one year.

So, talking on the phone while driving, the inspector may impose a fine or withdraw the license of the driver. Disqualification from driving the court decides. At the same time, if the court finds You guilty, the seized driver’s license can be returned only after medical examination and successful completion of the service center of the Ministry of internal Affairs theoretical and practical exam.

Such restrictions for drivers related to the fact that when communicating by “mobile” the reaction of the driver is slowing down and it may not be time to react to an emergency. That is in addition to fines, such actions can lead to a traffic accident.

It should be noted that according to traffic regulations of Ukraine (paragraph 2.9. d) a clear definition of what the driver is prohibited “while driving the vehicle to use the means of communication, holding them in hand”. That is, you can use your phone with your headset or through the loudspeaker. There is also no direct ban on using the phone that’s pressed to your ear shoulder, but this use of “mobile” driving is also dangerous.

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