Why is the case of “black accounting” collapsed

As reported, according to “black accounting”, to bribe spent nearly $2 billion in cash. Photo: UNIAN

The case of the black hand “regionals” from the start it was shaky. Although everyone knew: it’s true, says Gazeta.ua the journalist Oleksa Shalaysky.

“I think really was a lack of evidence. Allegedly recorded a bribe in “the Ledger” of Yanukovych. Prosecutors were convinced that some of the money spent stations that recorded.

I was still in doubt. Because the suspect will say it’s the other money. They did not write that they are from the “books”. It was all very shaky. And dragging for very long, once again evidence of this. Was looking for perhaps some kind of fact, because one was not enough.

Understand, “black cash” – but really the money was distributed. But, unfortunately, it is about this print, there is no level of written evidence.

Prosecutors have always said: “Ledger” is just a bargaining chip for the prosecution. If there was a set of arguments, it would be important. And if you rely only on it, then of course it doesn’t work.

For those who have figured in the cashier, had no consequences, they reputation has not suffered. Although he had to disappear from the political horizon.

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In Ukraine has built the reputation Institute. Yet we people are not going to resign due to the fact that conditionally something plagiarized.

On the other hand, in the case of Stations, much better to close the deal and announce it than to pull the years. As is often done.

If Higher anti-corruption court actually forced the prosecutors to close the case, it is very good. Well, the judges decided. Because otherwise, it would live in pink glasses.

Now you can ask questions to Capcom and Nausnice. Why, knowing that nothing is pulled? Had to deal with billions of revenues, the ex-head of the CEC.

And regarding “payment”, recorded in the “barn book”, that she herself is not a crime. Must be for something. And that something has to happen.

Well, for example, would prove that the Stations were given some money. He would say: “Yes, Dali”.

– What you had to do?

– Oh, nothing. Handing out money, I took it.

We have to prove that the money he once worked. And this is really impossible, so much time has passed,” says Olexa Shalaysky.

Specialized anti-corruption Prosecutor’s office closed criminal proceedings against the former Chairman of the Central election Commission Mikhail Okhendovsky, who was suspected of receiving 1.2 million UAH of a bribe from the “black funds” of the Party of regions.