Why Hollywood actress did not call the names of their rapists: videobritney

American actress Evan Rachel wood, who in 2016, admitted that he had twice been the victim of rape and explained why they did not call the names of the offenders.
Brave the video the star published in his YouTube.

In the Wake of a sex scandal with producer Harvey Weinstein more and more Actresses are openly talking about sexual harassment. As you know, Evan Rachel wood was twice raped, but still not the star announced the names of the men who did this to her.
People wonder why many women are not told about this before. After all, if one woman will make a public statement, it will immediately appear, and others with the same problem, and then the gate opens, – began to explain wood.
She noted that women, despite a great injustice, not willing to tell the truth about causing pain and kept it all to myself.
“Women don’t feel safe to do so. And I also blame, it is not called the offenders,” said the actress.
Although the woman is still afraid and does not mention the names of the rapists, Evan said that they are very influential and rich men. Last fall, she hinted that the first assailant was her then-boyfriend, and the second – the owner of the bar.
“They were very influential, very rich, very full of himself. And I don’t call them names for several reasons: first – I’m alone against several powerful people, and second, it will take a lot of money, time and again have hurt myself” – she explained his silence.
Evan Rachel Wood
The video ends with wood urged women to talk about sexual violence, but she understands those who are silent about their pain.
“Those who do not – not my fault,” said the actress.
By the way, Evan Rachel wood from 2006 to 2008 met rocker Marilyn Manson, but a year later they reconnected in 2010, the musician has proposed to her. However, after six months because of disagreements the engagement was terminated. About his bisexuality, the actress said in Esquire magazine in April 2011, but in 2012, Evan was married to actor Jamie bell, and a year later gave birth to a son. In 2014 they divorced.
Evan Rachel wood has also during his career starred in about 25 films and television series: “True blood”, “the Western world” and others.

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