Who’s work in Parliament: a shocking rating of deputies

Among Ukrainian parliamentarians worst of all are representatives of the Opposition bloc, the first place he headed the faction Yevhen murayev.
About it reported in a press-service of Committee of voters of Ukraine.
The activities of the Ukrainian deputies reviewed the Committee of voters of Ukraine. They was rated the least productive people’s representatives. Statistics built depending on how much their bills are not supported in Parliament.
The top 5 was headed by ex-MP and now independent Deputy Eugene Moore. He was re-elected to the Parliament from the party “opposition bloc” in 2014. The Deputy left the party in 2016. In the Verkhovna Rada Moore registered more than 120 unsuccessful draft laws.
Second in the ranking is representative of the same Opposition bloc Nataliya Korolevska. Of the more than 120 bills that she offered not approved none.

“Appologize” Yuriy Solod, Alexander Vilkul and Dmytro Shpenov filed at least 100 legislative proposals. Of them none was approved. The Committee of voters noted – only policy promoted by the voters, when registering dozens of bills. Thus, the deputies mimic their activity.
Top 5 least productive of people’s deputies of Ukraine:
1. Eugene Moore, the independent – was 126 draft laws, of them become active – 0. 2. Natalia Korolevska, the Opposition bloc – was 111 draft laws. Of them become active – 0. 3. Yuriy Solod, the “Opposition bloc” – was 91 draft laws, of them become active – 0. 4. Alexander Vilkul, “the Opposition bloc” – was 78 draft laws, of them become active – 0. 5. Dmitry Shpenov, “the Opposition bloc” – was 76 draft laws, of them become active – 0.

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