Who won the MTV Movie & TV Awards-2017?

Photo: AmericaRU.com

On Sunday, MTV held its annual ceremony awarding its own awards. Show MTV Movie & TV Awards-2017 was held in Los Angeles at the Shrine Auditorium, was a leading American comedian Adam devine.

This year was unusual because the organizers changed the format and name of the awards – now it is awarded for the best projects. The main winner of the ceremony was the film adaptation of “beauty and the beast, which became the film of the year.

List of winners MTV Movie & TV Awards-2017:

Film of the year – “beauty and the beast” (Beauty and the Beast)
The best actor in the film – Emma Watson (“beauty and the Beast”)
Best miniseries: “Very strange things” (Stranger Things)
Best actor Serval: Millie Bobby brown (“Very strange things”)
Best kiss: Ashton Sanders and Darrel Jerome (“Moonlight”)
Best villain: Jeffrey Dean Morgan (“the Walking dead”)
Best veduchikh: Trevor Noah (The Daily Show)
Best documentary film: the Thirteenth (13th)
Best TV competition: RuPaul”s Drag Race
Best Comedy actor: Lil Rell (“Off”)
Best hero: Taraji Henson (“Hidden shapes”)
The best touching scene: Jack (Milo Ventimiglia) and Randal (Looney Chavis) (“we”)
Best Duo: Hugh Jackman and Daphne keen (“Logan”)
The next generation: Daniel Caluya
Best American history: “Black Comedy” (Black-ish)
Best battle system: the “Hidden figure” (Hidden Figures)

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