Who saves on security, the feed the thief

Security firm “the Status” is not just a guarantee of security. It is the brainchild of two of their longtime leaders, the ideological inspirer and the most strict and demanding professionals in the field of safety and security – Cherevko Sergey Kravets and Sergei Petrovich.

They know about security, and willing to share their experiences with customers and partners.

Kravets, Sergey Petrovich in security management since 1993. He went from being a electrician for maintenance of signaling to the Manager of technical services GEO Podil district in Kyiv and other senior posts of the Central office of “Security complex”.

Cherevko Sergei: since 1993 works in the security industry, he held the position of head of the SSS (State security service) of the Leningrad district of Kiev.

Company profile:

  • year established: 2008
  • number of customers: over 7000 customers.
  • number of cars: 40

– How did the idea to create your business? Under the wing of the state certainly was quieter and more stable?

Kravets, S. P.: a desire to grow and move forward is inherent in all, and the guards too. And when did the idea to organize his business, it was clear that it will be associated with the fact that I’m good at what I understand. Otherwise it could not be. Age I have been corresponding, was sunk, there were forces and desire – in 2004 I was 34 years old, and there were whole life and obvious prospects.

We started to think about how to effectively and correctly combine the received experience in GEO and the development of their own company. So there has been a development strategy, were born the first idea and further the concept of providing quality client services in the field of security.

Cherevko, S. I.: Security business requires experience and integrity, you can’t just say: “We can do it” if you never did such things. You don’t trust the construction of the house the one who has to build any relationship. And in our case, security should be entrusted to professionals, because it affects if not all, very much.

– It turns out that your company exists already more than 10 years?

Cherevko, S. I.: Yes, we work for a long time. The backbone of the company formed in 2008. At that time we called SB “Beach”, and later – in 2013 – conducted a full rebranding, and from that time till now called “Status”. I think it was the right move, which largely determined the future and areas of work of the company.

– Safety and security – the concept is very broad. What aspects of security activities affect Your work?

Kravets S. P.:

90% of our work is remote security and 10% physical protection and support of cargoes. Today’s guard is the most popular segment, and not only because it requires minimum human intervention. Modern security systems with proper installation and settings are able to provide security at a high level. In the end, it gives the chance to save on living protection and to put the money in the business.
Our remote fire and burglar alarm system today serves more than 7,000 clients.

There is a design Department – it employs only certified professionals who are developing complex projects for security and fire alarm systems, active fire fighting, CCTV, other security systems.

– You will develop projects for clients, contractors do not attract?

Cherevko, S. I.: of Course not. Safety and security require confidentiality, and we do everything ourselves – from design to installation and warranty service. We appreciate our customers, that is why they do not create additional problems and solve them.

For example, installation teams install security systems with a guarantee to 36 months, and then – with their obligatory service. Is a Department of prevention – working in it engineers provide services to support customers around the clock, without days off and breaks.

Kravets S. P.: But where there is security – there are certainly tactical response team. Our specialists have been trained, equipped according to all modern requirements, work on the new fleet and able to help very quickly – within 3-6 minutes.

We arrive at the alarm in just 3-6 minutes, this is one of the best results in the protection market

We work for security, so have no right to procrastinate, be lazy or ignore – the faster and more smoothly the whole team works, the higher guarantee your safety.

– What criteria the client can understand, that is the operator of the security services?

Cherevko, S. I.: I can say with certainty what criteria our customers are looking company “Status”. We always care about convenience and improving security for customers and are in constant search for optimal solutions:

  • test and implement advanced security systems, particularly wireless systems AJAX and MAX;
  • increase the number of rapid response teams and are working to reduce the time of arrival of the group at the object.

These are the criteria that are important and very popular with our customers.

– How critical is the choice of transport and equipment? After all we are talking about speed, which depends on a lot…

Kravets S. P.: of Course, this is the priority!

Response teams are provided with new car Renault Duster and Renault Logan, special agent, control systems, telecommunications and systems instant transfer the signal “alarm” on the screen, which makes it possible to respond quickly to calls.
In 2015 the number of cars response teams Status has grown 2.5 times only in 2019, the fleet was replenished with 4 new cars – 2 Renault Duster, Logan 1, and the safest car Volvo XC90

– It’s no secret that today the security market is teeming with ads and various interesting offers to lure new inexperienced customers. In principle it is possible to characterize the modern market of security services?

Cherevko, S. I.: I would like to say more good, but alas… currently, the security services market anarchy:

companies call themselves “leaders”, not having their cars or having 5 people in the state;
a dumping, declaring absolutely ridiculous prices for security services, almost 50 grn in a month… For the same amount is impossible to provide a decent protection.

As a result, the market discredited, and the client is disoriented. Built about the chain: cheap service – poor quality – customer dissatisfaction – lack of trust to other companies and the market as a whole.

Another point – the ease of obtaining a license. Requirements of the company, no special licence – can work, and no matter what poor. In such circumstances, it is difficult to survive and achieve success, but we try (smiles).

And we know that the client who’s ever disappointed in the quality of services provided, will be a long time to weigh all “for” and “against”, look for real recommendations, and will ultimately choose really that security company, cooperation with which will be satisfied at 100. Because the safety of loved ones, private businesses and its costs more nerves and money spent.

Kravets S. P.: Yes, we are constantly looking for new opportunities – develop recommendations – and the majority of clients come to us for recommendations, honest work with our partners and never let, podstrahovyvaem partners with their rapid response teams.

– Objectively, there is a need in the security services now? Or is it more a tribute to fashion?

Cherevko, S. I.: of Course, there is a need, and what else! And it’s not because I’m the Director of the security company. But because the time is now difficult. In my opinion, in comparison with 90-mi years, the situation with crime has worsened. Almost every day there are attempts of penetration on the protected objects, breaking Windows, doors, fights, and other incidents where our rapid response group to protect property, life and health of the client.

We are actively developing a service response of their vehicles, leaving the signal “alarm” security partners from some of the response teams is not enough.

Many clients come to us after unsuccessful cooperation with fly by night companies. Then we have to work twice as much to the client believed and was not disappointed.

– Is your job something that you certainly can be proud of?

Kravets S. P.: (smiles) I want to believe that this is so. We are always customer-centric. We do not sell candy, and are responsible for the security, so the quality of our work depends on the tranquility of others. It is these people we orientirueshsya – they pay money and we have to create comfortable conditions.

Cherevko, S. I.: second paragraph – we are always open to their clients, we do not deceive and do not add the expense of hidden charges. Yes, our services are not the cheapest on the market, but the amounts are always transparent and understandable to our clients. And if we do the promotional offers they these are: a 50% discount is a discount, without additional fees, as is often the case.

Kravets S. P.: furthermore, we are members of the “Ukrainian Federation of security professionals” and “national response network”, which in Kiev, the alarm signal from our protected facilities ready to go for about 40 cars. So with us you secure.

Constant communication and exchange of experience with leading companies from different regions of Ukraine give an opportunity to the specialists of the company “the Status” to implement all innovations in the field of safety and security.

Years of work have borne fruit: today, the company “the Status” has certificates of quality verification of ISO 9001: 2015 and OHSAS 18001: 2007, certificate of conformity UFSP, individual certificates of training and qualification of company’s specialists, dozens of letters of appreciation and letters of recommendation banks, network organizations and satisfied customers.

With such baggage, it is impossible to do the job poorly, we can only confidently move forward and constantly improve.

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