Who is Ilya Kiva: the biography of presidential candidate

The leader of the party “socialist party of Ukraine,” Ilya Kiva got in the twenty of the officially registered presidential candidates. At the election of Kivu makes “the socialist party of Ukraine”. 24 channel offers to read a brief biography of the candidate.
Biography Of Elijah Kiwi

He was born Ilya Kiva June 2, 1977 in Poltava.

Education – Poltava oil geological technical school (speciality “Maintenance and repair of oil and gas industry”, qualification “technician-mechanic”).

He also studied at the Poltava state pedagogical Institute. V. G. Korolenko (educational psychologist).

Graduated from national law University. Yaroslav the Wise (with the speciality “jurisprudence”).

Career began as the Director and chief accountant of LLC “Ukrstalmontazh”. A few months held the position of engineer-technologist at “Donetsk railway”. There he worked with the head Prominately steam station “Novozolotarivka”.

Subsequently, he became Deputy head of repair and construction of large ring road Service roads in the Kiev region. A few months was the Deputy chief of Management on Affairs of protection of the rights of consumers in the Poltava region.

He received the title of major of militia and was appointed commander of a battalion of patrol service of militia of special purpose “Poltava”, which was commanded in the ATO zone. This battalion was created on the basis of the battalion “Poltava”, a company “Kremenchug” and company “peace”, which was commanded by Kiva. However, as a result of the protest soldiers of the battalion Kivu dismissed, and the battalion was disbanded.

In 2014 was appointed Deputy head of the interior Ministry in the Donetsk region. In this position, actively implemented in the operational database of voluntary project “Peacemaker”.

Subsequently Kivu was transferred to the post of Deputy head of the interior Ministry in the Kherson region. He was then ahead of schedule appropriated a special rank “militia Lieutenant Colonel”.

Headed “the international charitable Foundation of liberation”, for the rehabilitation of children in juvenile correctional facility. He was Chairman of the Ukrainian Federation of domestic football and national Federation of dominoes.

Some time Kiva supervised Poltava centre “Right sector” and was a regional political leader “Right sector” in Eastern Ukraine (Poltava, Kharkiv, Donetsk, and Luhansk region). In particular, the politician was a Deputy, represented and fulfilled the orders of the leader of “Right sector” Dmitry Yarosh in relations with public authorities, local governments, political parties, individuals and legal entities during the presidential election.

In 2015, the Kiva became the head of Department of counteraction of narcocrime of national police. However, he refused to undergo re-certification to the new police force as well as a psychological evaluation. Explained by the fact that he saw a conspiracy against him among the members of the certification Commission. Therefore Kivu was fired from his position.

Kiva stood for the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, however, has not passed in Parliament.

In 2017, the politician declared that headed “the Socialist party of Ukraine”. At that time around the leadership at SPU for a long time there was controversy. However, according to the Ministry of justice, the Kiva heads the party called “socialist party of Ukraine”.

In addition to working in law enforcement and political activities, Kiva played the role of “batko Makhno” in “post-Traumatic Rhapsody”.

The scandals in which got Kiva. During operation, the Deputy chief of Management on Affairs of protection of the rights of consumers in the Poltava region, in 2013, was convicted for taking bribes. The Kiva was awarded 10 thousand hryvnias of a penalty. Next year on a new court sentence he increased the penalty, but released from punishment on the basis of the Law “On Amnesty in 2014”.

In 2016, the military in Kivu accused of involvement in smuggling from temporarily occupied territories of Donetsk and Lugansk regions.

In 2018, the Kiva in the presence of law enforcement officers threatened to kill social activist Sergey Sternenko. In addition, the politician accused the dead after the attack of acid adviser of the Mayor of Kherson Catherine Gandzyuk in plundering the city budget.

The money and property of the candidate of the Kiva. In its Declaration on the income for 2017 Kiva indicated that owns an apartment in Kiev area of 49 square meters, and uses the Moscow apartment of 43 square meters. The politician is the owner of the garage on 394 square meters and bagasse pit on 394 square meters in a village Factory in Poltava. He also has land at 1480 square metres in the village of Sosnovka in the region.

In addition to the property, Kiva is the owner of corporate rights of LLC “Souzenergo”, public organization “the Headquarters of the national Protection of the Kherson region” and “National defense Headquarters in Poltava region”, NGO “Ukrainian Union of Veterans of anti-terrorist operation”, the NGO “Public movement Kiva-stop drugs”, NGO “all-Ukrainian national Federation of Domestic Football”, NGO “all-Ukrainian national Federation of Domino”.

Political program of the candidate Ilya Kiva. The politician promises to revive the system of social care and to ensure a dignified old age pensioners. Peace in the Donbas and in the Crimea, Kiva plans to achieve due to the withdrawal of Russian occupation troops and the UN peacekeepers enter. Another politician wants to introduce responsibility for all war criminals, to create on the occupied territories of the special economic zone without taxes and government-controlled areas to set lower rates than in the period of occupation.

Kiva also wants to reform the army by Swiss model, and the military budget to increase to 10% of the gross domestic product.

Presidential candidate promises to introduce a compulsory state assistance for child birth in the amount of 12 minimum wages in a lump sum and monthly social benefit at the level not less than the minimum wage and to increase unemployment benefits to the level of the minimum wage.

Policies in favour of medical insurance, free delivery and free education.

Kiva declares that the most terrible offences after treason, and therefore the most severe punishment will be for illegal enrichment, corruption and tax evasion. The highest penalty for embezzlement of the state budget, according to policy, should be the death penalty.

The presidential candidate wants to return to strategic targets in the property and to revise the terms of previously privatised enterprises.

Kiva plans to cease cooperation with the International monetary Fund, to keep the land in the ownership of the people, and for the citizens of Russia to introduce a visa regime.

Elections of the President of Ukraine to 2019: key dates of the electoral campaign?
Presidential elections in Ukraine on 31 March 2019. March 8 will be known the final list of presidential candidates. Already on 31 March will be the first round of voting for the future President. The official results of the first round have to report until April 10. If a decision is made on the second round, it will be held on April 21.

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