Who is feeding the Belarus?

Data suggest undue influence on the food market of one country.

Belarus this year went to 11 new markets. Meanwhile, 4 billion dollars of exports in the three quarters of this year Russia accounted for 3.1 billion dollars, writes zautra.by.

– This year we opened 11 new markets: Afghanistan, Pakistan, Angola, Benin, Kenya, Cuba, Albania and others. In almost all markets this year have increased the volume of deliveries. For 9 months of exports amounted to $ 4 billion, which is 4.1% more than last year, – told reporters Alexei Bogdanov, head of the main Department of foreign trade Ministry of agriculture.

But still the main part of selproduct goes to Russia and CIS countries. Exports to Russia in the first three quarters amounted to 3.1 billion dollars, in Kazakhstan – 211 million dollars, and Ukraine – 115 million dollars.

We often say that we need to reduce dependence on the Russian Federation, this is indeed the case. It’s not so easy to do. However, the work goes on. During the current period we by 0.6% reducing the level of deliveries to the Russian market. We must understand that first and foremost the direction dictated by the economy. If it is advantageous to supply, you need to put and not to miss the additional income, – said Alexei Bogdanov.

He said that exports to Asia and Oceania for the year increased by 10.7% and in the EU – 8%. According to him, the countries of the European Union, the most difficult to enter of our products.

Not only because there are some political barriers. First and foremost is the regulation of customs tariffs, very high tariffs and very good protection of the European market, – he explained

Overall exports to the far abroad countries selfproduction and food products amounted to almost $ 400 million.

Top 5 European Union countries that buy Belarusian agricultural products

1. Lithuania – $ 71 million

2. Poland – 37,5 million dollars

3. Germany – 22 million dollars

4. Latvia – $ 12 million

5. Netherlands – 10 million USD

Top 5 countries of Asia and Oceania the volume of export of Belarusian agricultural products

1. China – 80 million dollars

2. Georgia – 8.2 million dollars

3. Vietnam – $ 7 million

4. Israel – $ 3 million

5. Japan – $ 3 million

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