Who feeds on children’s homes

Imagine you are an official from the regional Department of education or the regional Department (Ministry) of social security, social policy, etc., which in principle is not important. The orphanage in different areas with different jurisdiction. It all depends on what the Agency has been able to snatch a tasty morsel. So, you personally are very lucky: you got access cuts and rollback of budget money that the state allocates for orphans.

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This is a very bold piece. Across the country billions. Not rubles, dollars.

“Cut”, i.e. steal, from 30 to 80% of this amount. It all depends on the nerve of an official and its “roof”.

Of course, without a roof is not complete. Those who are obliged to follow the laws and controlling the spending of budget money, there are also children who need to Finance their studies in London, mistresses who need to pay for the trips in the Paris boutiques, and wives who need to pay for a “cottage” on the French Riviera.

When some of the readers angrily demand to call me “names”, I wonder. The names of corrupt officials has long been well known in the local KGB — oops, sorry, FSB, and the local IC and the Prosecutor’s office. But “the Ryan” have no one to feed, so what you want them to do? Unselfish service the law? Do you really believe that? Would you like Santa Claus to call with the snow Maiden? Do not hesitate — it is more real.

Less naive can easy to learn: most of the orphanages are located in small regional towns and even villages. It is in Moscow, the Prosecutor’s office and orphanages without enough cases, and in districts not so — there is a certain “mouth” and “cut”, so about the children’s home they all know.

There is a simple test of stealing in the orphanage or not, has the Prosecutor’s office share of this theft or not.

Here is an example of a children’s home, which is not a steal, and an example of the Prosecutor’s office, which do not have roof Gagarin boarding school for children-orphans and children left without parental care, the Smolensk region and, accordingly, the Prosecutor’s office of the glorious city of Gagarin, the homeland of the first cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin.

When I first came to this boarding school, Director I “complained” that as soon as the post came in immediately came from the Prosecutor’s office and explained to him that his every action under control.

Since then the boarding school was replaced by 4 or 5 Directors.

And that is typical: from assistance, they refused, because if the budget money to buy honest, no embezzlement, no aid is needed.

Ah, if only it worked as prosecutors of the city of Gagarin!

Charities could self-destruct, or switch to using the lion, which is also very commendable.

But we have a little left aside. So, you are an official from the regional education. A couple of decades you feed with the orphan’s budgets… it’s simple: two-three-four — write, one in mind. Ie repair the orphanage is 1X (one x), and write 4X. Ie in real terms is worth one million rubles, and write — four million.

Well, as you, for example, backfilling with gravel and other coating playgrounds for mini-football (not to be confused with the usual football — 6 times less) for 6 million rubles? Nothing like the sand! Golden, not otherwise.

And repair of catering in the boarding school for orphans of the city of Pechora of the Pskov region” for 17 000 000 (seventeen million!!!) rubles? What is it like? For the money it was possible to give each pupil a ready-made Studio apartment with equipped kitchen. Thus, according to the employee, the greater part of the sum amounted to a presidential grant.

By conservative estimates, with each orphanage or other orphanages officials of provincial departments and other officials authorised to manage budgets children’s homes, have a few million to tens of millions every year.

And in such institutions — tens.

And then — Bang! Happened “terrible”!

Orphans began to understand the families!

Imagine the tragedy?

Millions dripped, dripped, and then “spring” suddenly began to dry up!

Imagine that you personally every year had millions, and then nothing!

The servants of the people are in mourning!

Cry on my shoulder — they say that in families, children bad, tell about the horrors of foster families and all.

Clearly, if and further so will go, what money to contain their child in London?

And the sweetheart of his?

What officials with the threat of complete loss of a trough? It’s clear — to discredit those who are orphans takes in the family.

From here the campaign against the family of Del in particular, and adoptive families at all. At stake are billions in the course of going any means.

The bureaucratic lobby is strong, and the money is there. Laws can and rotate as needed.

As you are such legislative initiative: MPs want to ban custody of the children to strangers.

“The state Duma is preparing a bill according to which to become guardians of minor children left without parental care, will allow only their relatives”.

All of this is served with the sauce of that “budget money that is allocated to the guardians, are attracted to the Mercantile citizens, who are interested in earning, not in the education of children.” As you formulirovochki?

Now let’s calculate: a child in an orphanage costs the country, the state and society (i.e. you and me) from 700 000 to 2 100 000 (two million hundred thousand) roubles a year. Yes, Yes, Yes! Don’t fall off the chair! In some children’s homes — more than two million rubles per year per child.

The budgets of the orphanages is in the public domain. Look, for example, reports of the children’s home farm. Rostov oblast (orphanages there slyly renamed “centres for children”). Children in this institution at the end of 2016 — a total of 6 (six). And annual budget — 13 million rubles.

Each family receives per child per month is only 9 thousand for the maintenance and a small amount (typically from 2 to 10 thousand) in compensation for his education. A huge profit?

Ask yourself the question: why children’s homes in which there are only 6 children, officials did not close?

Note: the money allocated to children’s home, “sawn” and “rolled back” and then derived abroad, i.e. away from Russia. And all that goes to foster parents, is injected into the economy, i.e., remains in Russia.

But in self-interest and blame adoptive families!

Again: “the budget money allocated to the guardians, are attracted to the Mercantile citizens, who are interested in earning, not in the education of children.”

Who are these “servants of the people”? Certainly not the law and justice.

For all these calculations, we forgot about one.

No matter how fine, neither was the orphanage — it is not a place for a child.

The child should grow up in the family.

If your biological family did not work in reception.

And all the stories about the “good orphanages” from the evil one.

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