Who and how much to sell state vehicles: resonance investigation

Ukrainian Danube shipping company is the pride of the state. The company has about 1,600 people. Its annual turnover approaching a little less than a billion hryvnia. However, the corruption of passion is not spared, and such a powerful enterprise.
What famous Ukrainian Danube shipping company

Ukrainian Danube shipping company is a truly unique enterprise, even far beyond Ukraine. Almost four hundred ships carrying more than 2.5 million tons of cargo and run from the Ukrainian mouth of the Danube to Romania, Hungary, Austria, Germany, Serbia, and the ability of delivery at all covers the whole Mediterranean basin.

It would seem, that business prospects are the envy of any, if not for one small problem: the company is still fully state-owned. And therefore the trouble is not small.

Carrying out transportation of more than a billion hryvnia per year, the Danube shipping company alone, is not enough money for salaries, repairs, upgrades, and the ships themselves recently actively started to sell. And on one of these auctions drew the attention of law enforcement.

Corruption schemes

In December 2018, the General Prosecutor of the country Yury Lutsenko reported about the successes in the fight against corruption. Then on a bribe in 260 thousand dollars, or almost 7 million, got the Advisor to the General Director of the Ukrainian Danube shipping company.

Advisor to the General Director of the Ukrainian Danube shipping company has got on a bribe

A bribe in the amount of almost UAH 7 million

That could offer such an astronomical bribe?

Sell “Savitsky” is a necessity. Why? It’s an old old ship that is economically viable,
– said the journalist of the edition “Petr and Mazepa” Dmitry Podturkin.

Don’t need to be an expert to understand old and rusty court really is better to sell even for scrap than to spend money on pointless repairs and maintenance. Small spoiler – when the enterprise is state-owned, the valuation of the property to play, and on the difference to earn a little money. It happened with the sale of the veteran Danube shipping company, ship “Nikolay Savitskiy”.

The Ship “Nikolay Savitskiy”

“All ships in this class have been sold, this is the last ship and it has already had to be sold in the 2014-2015 year. But then it sold for over 300 thousand dollars. And now it sold for 122 thousand dollars. I wonder what happened to 2015, what is the price of the ship has fallen?”, said Podturkin.

Then attorney General at Facebook said: “After receipt of funds in the amount of 100 thousand dollars thieves were detained on “hot”. In the comments Lutsenko wrote: “are You sure that these thieves go to jail, and not let go for a couple thousand hryvnias?”. To which he replied: “2637 sentences against corrupt my cadence”.

Reporters found the judgment which is dated the end of June 2019. After six months of investigation, the case just returned to the Prosecutor because of the obvious shortcomings. And in March, 2019, three months after high-profile arrest and scandal, held an auction for the sale of the “Nikolay Savitskiy”.

That is, despite the delay on the bribe and the personal PR of the attorney General, the ship was sold for the same price and the same buyer, as planned. Moreover, the prosecutors not only the ship was arrested and the bribe-takers missed. House arrest for two months, escaped with only one of the three participants of history with a bribe.

What happened to the main figurant of scandal

“A few weeks powerful the highly touted arrest – the EA has already been in the workplace,” recalled the journalist of the edition “Petr and Mazepa”.

We are talking about the EA Brand Krivopaltsev. Just two weeks after he was captured on a bribe, he was sitting in the front row at the new year holiday of workers of the shipping company. Moreover, while the controversial adviser to partying, the administration has undertaken to deal with those who really tried to prevent the implementation of the transaction.

Mark Krivopaltsev

What awaited those who tried to prevent the transaction of sale of the vessel “Nikolay Savitskiy” – see in the program.


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