Which judges are the best in 2018: people’s opinions

2019 let’s start from good news. We launched the online voting, which was asked to determine who among the judges, which we talked about in 2018, the most worthy of the award “Honor of the week.”

We wanted to mark the servants of Themis, who delighted us with their actions and demonstrating independence in making rulings, publicly urged to solve the problems in the judicial system and explained their decisions.

Third place in our top was taken by the judge of Pechersky regional court of Kiev Larisa Sokol. In 2018, the servant of Themis, was removed from office after it literally started to “crumble” of the complaint to the High Council of justice.

Larissa Sokol

Consideration of complaints against judges in the High Council of justice is a matter of habit. It becomes atypical when these complaints on the judge, there are a few in a very short time – as happened with the judge Tsokol. A few weeks in the Council were three complaints about her work. And some of the solutions in respect of which complained, for several years.

Sokol during his work, decided a number of decisions concerning public servants in 2015, it ordered the prosecution to start an investigation on intervention in the work of judges Alexey Filatov. The man who in the presidential Administration responsible for the course of judicial reform. Also, the servant of Themis refused to arrest the former head of the Odessa regional state administration of Mikheil Saakashvili.

It politicile GPU accuses Russian funding. According to the GPU, Saakashvili’s team received $ 500 thousand from Russia. Evidence against the ex-Governor of Odessa zokol, despite considerable political pressure, called unconvincing, and refused to give permission for the arrest.

Therefore the third place in voting for the “celebrate the YEAR” is given to the judge of Pechersky regional court of Kiev Larisa Sokol.

Second place in our poll was taken by the servant of Themis, which became known throughout the country thanks to its principles and the fight against corruption. Judge of Kastrychnitski district court of Poltava Larissa Golnik.

In the end, the President still appointed her to the position permanently is after seven months of waiting. Due to the fact that the guarantor of the Constitution consciously or not drawn with the purpose, Golnik sued him in court for inaction. Since, according to her, in this position, when the term of your scope is already out, but indefinitely you have not yet nominated to be a judge. They all have to be in “limbo”, although this should not be.

Larissa Golnik

The award “HONOR.WEEKS,” the judge received for the intransigence of the head of his court, Alexander Strukov. In 2014, Larisa Golnik refused bribes for the “right” decision in the case against the mayor of Poltava Alexander Mamaia. He abused official position in favor of his stepdaughter.

For this judge Golnik got pressure from the President of the court. The interference and intolerable working conditions, allegations of non-existent violations, public humiliation and even physical abuse — so was acting with her head the October court of Poltava Alexander Strukov.

In addition, Larisa Golnik received a reprimand from the High Council of justice on the complaint Strukova. And it didn’t let her participate in the competition in the anti-corruption court. The servant of Themis said it will appeal the decision.

Hence the silver in the nomination “the HONOR of the YEAR” is given to the judge of the October district court of Poltava Larissa Golnik.

Gold got a judge who often hears cases of minors, the head of the Bakhmach district court Chernihiv region Pavel Parkhomenko.

Last year, a judge struck us at how meticulously examining the evidence in cases concerning children and tries to do so, to ensure their best interests.

Pavel Parkhomenko

In one of the cases that have considered the Pavel Parkhomenko, he was sure that the child is not left without a father. According to the materials of the case, the child’s mother said that her ex-husband is not involved in the upbringing of the child, is not interested in her life and health, not paying child support. Therefore filed a suit on deprivation of parental rights the ex-spouse.

However, the judge Parkhomenko in the case drew attention to the fact that he sees no advantage for the child in the event of a claim. Simply put, daughter does not get better that she lose father.

In another lawsuit, a minor girl was accused of stealing cosmetics to the amount of 1500 UAH. Solving the case, Pavel Parkhomenko clarified in the family, school and otnoshenija girls with friends. Despite the fact that the suspect fully admitted his guilt, first offender and does well at school, the judge acknowledged that to bring her to justice to be punished, makes no sense.

According to Parkhomenko, if teachers in school and parents at home will give her more time, she quickly corrected than in the case of condemnation.

Therefore, the gold medalist award “HONOR YEARS” is the head of the Bakhmach district court Chernihiv region Pavel Parkhomenko.

I hope that the actions of our today’s winners will motivate other servants to go to the good side.

Full edition of the program “Honor and Wickedness” here.


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