Whether the Belarusian banks to adopt the Euro with the cross on the UK?

Belarusbank gave the answer.

The first of February, the United Kingdom ceased to be part of the European Union. Ended official drama, but people still have questions. The Internet is spreading information about the flash mob, who allegedly launched the Germans remaining in the EU cross out on the Euro banknotes great Britain on the map, reports Onliner.

In parallel across the news of the impending illegality of notes with great Britain on the map, so all of this, of course, fake. The first such message can be found in 2016.

But any nonsense can be supporters. Therefore, for clarity, do I need to worry if such notes were in your wallet.

Not necessary.

In accordance with the list of signs of solvency of banknotes and coins in foreign currency specialist Bank will accept you without a fee bill, which preserved elements of solvency and protection from the fake, even with signs of decay due to some damage, — have explained in “Belarusbank”. — Such defects include including inscriptions, drawings, imprints of the stamps (except stamps, indicating that the banknote is false) and their fragments in the case that they do not hinder the definition of authenticity of banknotes, and do not cover more than 50 percent of one of the elements of protection from falsification (the watermark, a hologram, Kinegram, the pattern, etc.).

As a rule, then banks try to withdraw from circulation such currency notes.