Whether Russia will go on the attack after exercise “Zapad-2017”: expert explanation

Russia is unlikely to start a new attack against Ukraine or the Baltic countries during the exercise “West-2017” or after them, as this will put an end to the era of President Vladimir Putin.
This view of “Apostrophe” was expressed by the Russian financier and blogger Slava Rabinovich.
According to him, the Kremlin is blackmailing and intimidating those countries, which are directed against the threats but “not going to attack in the format of exercises, which gradually becomes a war.”
Simply because, whatever the thugs Putin and his gang, it’s hard for me to imagine that they want a quick end to their regime for a common goal – endless, as they now think of self-enrichment. This regime is doomed one way or another. But they don’t think so, considering that them, their children, grandchildren, etc. will be enough “occupied” their vast territory of Russia, – said Rabinovich.
In his opinion, the scenario of an attack on a neighboring country in the form of continuation of the exercise “West-2017”, is absolutely sure to be a very quick end of the regime.
I think they know it. About the same as Kim Jong-UN knows that any launch of nuclear missiles would mean the immediate end of the regime of North Korea, he added.

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