Where in Ukraine to wait for the rain: forecasters gave a fresh forecast

9 April in Ukraine will be warm in some places precipitation is expected. Photo: poetryclub.com.ua

In Ukraine on Tuesday, April 9, will be warm, sometimes precipitation is expected.

Rain possible in the Western, Zhytomyr, Kyiv and Vinnytsia regions. At night there predict +5…+10 degrees; the afternoon +15…+20, reports Reuters.

For the rest of the country – no precipitation. Wind South-Eastern 5-10 m/s. night Temperature +5 …+10 degrees, in the afternoon +15…+20 in the southern part of the mark of the thermometer will rise to +23, in the West of the country and places on the coast of the seas +11…+16 degrees.

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In Kiev on Tuesday precipitation is not waiting. The night air warms up to +8…+10, day +17…+19. In the Kyiv region in some places will be a little rain. The temperature at night +5…+10 C, in the afternoon +15…+20. Wind South-Eastern 5-10 m/s.

During April waiting several geomagnetic fluctuations and two powerful magnetic storms in the second half of the month. First predict the number 12. The highest point of tension in this day is to be expected not earlier than 13:00.


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