Where did the money for the increase of pensions to Ukrainians

This year pensions will be transferred automatically to take into account the average wage and inflation. Photo: narodna-pravda.ua

Ukrainians in the past year increased the pension funds, which planned to repay the deficit of the Pension Fund. He is already 30 billion.

“The simplest solution to the problem of the deficit of the Pension Fund costs due to additional revenues in 2017. It is true then we would not be able to increase pensions”, – said Deputy Minister of social policy Mykola Shambir, writes Columnist.

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The deficit of the Pension Fund to cover the increase in revenues of unified social contribution. This can be done in 7-10 years.

According to Mykola Shambir, this year, pensions will again be recalculated in accordance with the rate of inflation. The procedure of indexing is already spelled out in the legislation.

Today the minimum pension in Ukraine is UAH 1497. From January 1, 2019 for those over 65 years of seniority 50-35 years it will grow to 1669 UAH.


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