When palm Sunday in the year 2017: a number of folk customs and traditions

Palm Sunday-2017



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B 2017 palm Sunday falls on April 9. This day also celebrates the entry of Christ into Jerusalem .

Palm Sunday is one of the most joyful and light holidays. Palm Sunday is always celebrated exactly a week before the holiday of Easter. In 2017, it falls on April 9. This day also celebrates the entry of Christ into Jerusalem.

Palm Sunday: traditions

The main attribute of the holiday – sanctified willow twigs, which have to stand the whole year as a symbol of accepting Christ and His great sacrifice.

The day before, on Saturday evening, Orthodox Christians with willow twigs or verbovyy go to temples and churches at the vigil service. Immediately after reading the 50th Psalm, the gospel, the priests sprinkle pussy willows with Holy water. After that, the parishioners with lighted candles stand until the end of the festive service in honor of the Entrance of Jesus Christ into Jerusalem.

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The next day the people again go to Church and re-consecrated willow branches. Also on this day the Church can come with twigs and those who couldn’t attend the Saturday evening service.

On palm Sunday the Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom. Palm Sunday – a holiday that should be spent in the family circle. This is a very godly celebration, because in this period still there is a Great post, and ahead of Christians waiting for the most severe week of lent – Holy week.

Palm Sunday: how to fast

In this day you can eat delicious meals, and kids to please sweets. But do not forget that the feast occurs during lent, that is, dairy and meat products should not be placed on a festive table. On this day you can eat fish and drink a little red wine.

Palm Sunday: omens and incantations

On palm Sunday you can’t work, swearing and offended. It is believed that willow branches, which are gathered to take to the temple for consecration, it is necessary to cut only from young trees which have not yet withered branches and damage. This is not to take branches from the trees that have hollows, but also those that grow near the cemetery. It is not recommended to take branches from the trees, which lean over the water the old people believed that at night on some of the branches could rest water and mermaids.

The willow branches, our ancestors have long been credited with magical and healing properties. Consecrated willow was considered a talisman for the whole family: her branch touched loved ones, wishing them health and happiness.

On palm Sunday, the traditional healers were made of willow with various concoctions and powders from a variety of diseases for the entire year. In those days it was treated from many diseases.

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There is a ceremony, when after the Church service, came home people hit each other with palm branches and saying, “I did Not beat, willow beats. Be healthy as water and rich as earth” or “whipping willow Bay to tears. Be healthy as a willow” and others. the meaning of the ritual is to wish for a close person health and well-being. Many people believe that after such ceremonies the man comes health, strength and well-being.

On palm Sunday it is customary to Pat little children with bundles of willow, which was consecrated in the temple who were not sick during the year and grow up healthy. Ingestion of the kidneys palm on palm Sunday was known in Ukraine, where the children ate the kidneys, “dwellers of the throat does not Bollo”. Palm branches decorate the stand in the house of icons. This ritual is supposed to bring happiness, prosperity and health to every inhabitant of the house.

It is also believed that the healing properties of water, in which stood the consecrated branches of a willow. The water used to bathe sick children, confident that the disease then depart. Men in that day wore the buds of the willow as the mascot for imparting physical strength, and women – to help in conceiving a child.

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If the day is warm and clear weather, the whole village was preparing to gather a good harvest of fruit. If “on Palm frost – spring bread will be good”.

On palm Sunday the girls did a love spell on willow. For this early morning found the young verbochka, broke a small twig and spoke with a love words: “as long as willow for the icon will lie, until then my husband will not stop loving you won’t forget. Amen.” This willow twig kept in the house for the icons.

There is another version of the love plot on palm Sunday. Before sunrise, the girl needs to break twigs with willow and with all the faith and love to speak them, “How palm Sunday to the joy of the world Orthodox, so I was in the joy of my sweetheart, the servant of God (name). Like waiting for people peasant bells merrily festive, so would the servant of God (name) was waiting for me, waiting for me amongst the crowd looking for me in the window looked, everywhere was watching. And rushed and rushed into the opposite path and pulled me white. How not to be a Palm Sunday celebration the Church is forgotten and will not forget me never the servant of God (name). Amen.” Charmed twigs the girl supposed to have in the bedroom, not yet fulfilled what she wished.

Similar to the way that love spell on willow exists among Roma. On palm Sunday it is customary to break down some pussy willows to bring home, and to tie red tape, saying thus: “Palm knot my love will link. While the node is associated, no one my love will not untie. As long as willow for the icon will lie, until I servant of God (name of the beloved) will not stop loving you won’t forget. Amen.” Willow twigs were then placed over the icon and never discarded: it was believed that otherwise, you can break the life of himself and his beloved.

Palm Sunday: omens and superstitions

According to ancient legend, on this day, no one drove the cattle on the street: people believed that it will definitely ruin the evil spirits. Girls in the palm Sunday be sure to brush her hair, saying, “Water, go in the ground with a headache”. And then put the comb in water and poured that water willow.

Also girls who wanted to marry a particular guy, all day, from morning till evening, thought of this guy.

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And to increase your prosperity, our ancestors planted flower or transplanted plants. It was believed that such plants and bring wealth into the house. If the flower wither, that any profit will not, and Vice versa, will soon hold large financial losses. Therefore, for such a flower carefully tended.

With Palm week, especially with the last days involves a lot to take on the weather and the next harvest. In the old days believed that how the wind blows on palm Sunday will be all summer.

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