When celebrating Rescued 2017: Honey, Apple and Nutty

In August Ukrainians celebrate three feasts of the Saviour: Honey, Apple and Nutty. These holidays imperishable, that is, from year to year they celebrate the same date.
Honey Spas
Honey Spas 2017 falls on August 14, Monday.
It is believed that Honey Spas is the end of summer and need to start preparations for the winter. Our ancestors said that from Honey spas bees no longer carry the honey.

Honey Spas 2017
Apple Spas
Savior of the Apple feast 2017 Ukrainians celebrate on August 19, on Saturday. It is also called a Medium or a Large. In this day consecrate apples and other fruits, which to this day have not.

Savior Of The Apple Feast 2017
Walnut Saved
The Third Spas – Nut. Is celebrated on 29 August, Tuesday. This holiday is also called Plain Bread the Saviour and the Saviour.
These days the harvest ends, so the first bread is baked from grain of the new harvest, and then sanctify it and treat the whole family.

Savior Of The Nut Feast 2017

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