What would happen if the Earth collides with a large asteroid?

Photo: AmericaRU.com

Shock waves and the wind force of a thousand kilometers per hour – the most deadly consequences that await us in the event of an impact of an asteroid into the Earth.

According to the study, published on Wednesday, if a large asteroid like the one that recently flew past, hitting the Ground, ferocious wind speed of about a thousand kilometers per hour and strong shock wave will kill most people. The researchers examined seven effects associated with the asteroid impact, heat, shock waves, flying debris, tidal waves, winds, seismic activity and eruption of volcanoes – and appreciated how deadly they are. The wind and the shock wave would have been worse consequences.

In fact, only these two effects will lead to the deaths of more than 60% of people said Clemens Rumpf (Clemens Rumpf), the study’s lead author from the University of Southampton in the UK. The shock wave from the jump in atmospheric pressure may cause rupture of internal organs, while winds will raze the city to break the body of living creatures and erase forests from the face of the planet.

“This is the first study that examines all seven effects posed by hazardous asteroids, and assessment of their impact from the point of view of human losses,” – said Rumpf. Unlike Hollywood movies, ground strikes are much more dangerous and deadlier than the asteroid that landed in the oceans. Although tsunamis can rise, waves will likely dissipate before reaching land. Overall, according to the study, a tsunami would take only 20% of lives. “Larger asteroids will also cause long-term environmental changes, such as lifting dust into the atmosphere and the subsequent dimming of sunlight. To the extent that no one will survive,” said author of the study.

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