What will be the hurricane season in the Atlantic in 2018?

Photo: AmericaRU.com

This year, oceanic and atmospheric administration gives a moderate prediction for the hurricane season in the Atlantic. According to experts NOAA, summer in the ocean will be “average or a little above normal”.

It is expected that the hurricane season in the Atlantic will be close to “normal” after a devastating records 2017. The possibility of strengthening El niƱo, along with almost average sea surface temperatures in the tropical Atlantic ocean and Caribbean sea will complicate the development of conditions for the formation of the storm.

The NOAA forecasts show that in the Atlantic is from 10 to 16 named storms (with winds above 40 km per hour), 5-9 of them will grow up to hurricanes. Major storms of category 4-5 will to 4, said Jerry bell (Gerry Bell), a leading hurricane forecaster at the Centre of climate prediction NOAA.

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